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New World is a popular MMORPG that tells you a story about a new colony in the Atlantic Ocean. Also, there is no specific indication of place, it is not hard to guess that the land reminds you of the US. The game was created by Amazon Game Studios Orange County and released by Amazon Games on September 28, 2021. You can download New World on Windows at the Steam Store.


The first thing you will appreciate right after you install New World is its splendid graphics with attention to every detail. It brings you a sense of presence right inside the game. The New World on PC is an open world. You may spend ages there exploring beautiful islands with mysterious creatures. Aeternum is the island where you have to build a prosperous colony meeting supernatural creatures. Since it is the middle of 1660, you can enjoy the outfits that belong to that epoch.


This game is not available for Android or iOS players. You will not find its New World mobile version. You will not be able to buy New World for Xbox or PS. Instead, developers concentrated on Windows. All the mechanics are incredibly intuitive, designed specifically for this platform. You will be able to quickly learn how to act. Since this is a multiplayer game, you need to learn as fast as possible. Your character is able to level up, so concentrate on mastering new skills. Besides, you can choose whether you want to play from the first or third-person perspective. You may choose to play co-op with your friends if you feel insecure. Don’t try to play PvP if you are new to the game.


Although New World is not free, the game is pretty affordable. After you order New World on Steam, you travel to the mysterious island with zero skills and achievements. During the game, you need to raise them. Don’t worry, there are lots of obstacles on your way, including human and non-human enemies ready to help you with this problem.

Your goal is not only to survive on the hostile island. You have to colonize it building a prosperous settlement with the people who came with you. Yet, some of them are extremely vicious and ready to kill you while you are sleeping. The game offers you to explore the island, find the sources for existence, and join one of the factions that help you in the future. There are three factions, and you can join Covenant, Syndicate, or Marauders. Based on the faction you pick you will be able to master new skills. Since there are lots of weapons in the game, make sure you know how to use them. If you want, you may change or customize your character. The game allows you to buy unique skins.


New World is outstanding entertainment for anyone who loves adventures, spending time with friends, and supernatural creatures. This game combines complicated challenges with the ability to explore the open world that is waiting for you. It is multiplayer, so you have to always stay connected to the Internet. Make sure that you are ready to meet numerous dangers on your way through the Island.


  • Wide range of challenges;
  • Supernatural legendary creatures;
  • Open-world;
  • The incredible beauty of the place;
  • Multiplayer.


  • You have to stay connected to the Internet;
  • The game is not free.