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Poppy Playtime is a horror game for PC, in which you visit a toy factory where all workers mysteriously disappeared. Download Poppy Playtime and enter the creepy toy world!


Poppy Playtime download will greet you with a major indie vibe, drawing inspiration from other horrors like 5 Nights at Freddy’s.

But even though it’s indie, it doesn’t poison your eyes with low-poly decorations, diluted with sickly, pale lighting as if you were exploring the insides of an abandoned city morgue.

Instead, the toy factory looks polished and smooth. There is plenty of visual and audio detail to create a nice retro atmosphere of a building that got lost in time and never made it out of the 60-70s era.

The toy models that you will deal with are also sculpted with a generous dose of imagination. They have genuinely disturbing looks, giving you an eerie grin now and then. (Which you can spot only with your peripheral vision). 


Poppy Playtime on PC is straightforward in terms of controls. You will employ the classic WASD + mouse tandem to move and manipulate items, like GrabPack.


You are a nameless employee of a notorious toy factory, where 10 years ago all other staff got missing. Being the only lucky one, you set out to investigate the scary place. Solo mode. A possible hint to what happened is given in the nicely stylized retro infomercials.  They tell us that the Playtime Co. began manufacturing a sensational doll that could make conversation with a kid, smelled like poppy, and also insisted with almost a psychotic resolution in her doll voice that she was a “real girl”.

To untangle the mystery at the forgotten factory, you’ll be invited to solve a number of puzzles: getting electricity back on, fiddling with the colored fuses, and so on. Your #1 allies will be two GrabPacks: Red and Blue. These are mechanical hands that Inspector Gadget and MK’s Scorpion would envy to have. You can extend these toy hands to fetch an item, manipulate some trigger, and do other operations that will help you continue your investigation and, well, stay alive. There are numerous clues scattered all over the Playtime factory. In the beginning, you will wander from one poster to another. Read them carefully: they can contain valuable intel.


Poppy Playtime is in its formatting stage, so there isn’t much content. It has only one chapter that will last you for about 50 minutes max. At the same time, it offers a believably macabre setting, which makes you feel pretty uneasy now and then. Especially, when you run into one of the animatronics for the first time. Even being motionless, they give you a strong paranoid vibe of you being watched.  

Bottom Line

Poppy Playtime is a marvelous horror story for one evening. It’s a young game, and we expect more chapters, riddles, and jumpscares to arrive soon. It strives to add new elements to the familiar formula of a game, in which you deal with the nightmarish animatronics who lust to devour your flesh and soul. If it sounds like your genre, order Poppy Playtime now.


  • Pleasant visuals.
  • A strong retro feel.
  • Game mechanics based on toy gadgets.


  • Just one chapter to play.
  • No Poppy Playtime free download.