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WARZONE is a strategy game about the battle between the West and Middle East countries. It is a turn-based game where you can control various military units.


In this game, you can use various kinds of military units. There are three kinds of units; ground units, air units and artillery units. Ground units, as the name implies, are infantry, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Air units are helicopters and jets. Artillery units are artillery and missiles. Your goal is to use these units properly to win the game.


Graphics in the game are 3D but they are basic and they have low level of detail. 3D models of military equipment and structures are used: they are low poly and low texture. Backgrounds and terrains are also 3D and look like classic terrain tiles. Game tiles look good and there is good use of color and shading.


WARZONE replayability is average. The game is very addictive and entertaining for the first few times. After some time, it becomes repetitive and it’s hard to stay motivated to play it again. The game is really short.


  • Easy to learn;
  • Clear graphics;
  • Possibility to play against the computer or play against friends;
  • Up to 14 players.


  • Repetitive gameplay.


I recommend WARZONE to all fans of turn-based strategy games. It is a good game but it is too simple and too short. It has a weak AI and it’s not very challenging. It’s a good game to play for a few minutes but not more.