In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping various facets of our lives, a new photo-editing app named EPIK has taken the digital landscape by storm. Born from South Korea's Snow Corporation, a subsidiary of Naver, EPIK allows users to recreate their nostalgic 90's 90-styled yearbook photos, lending a fun twist to the realm of photo manipulation.

Harnessing the power of AI, EPIK provides its users with a unique photo-editing experience. Users are required to upload a series of selfies, which the app then utilizes to generate vintage-inspired ‘yearbook’ photos. Each photo accentuates the unique features of the user, making them the star of their customized nostalgia-stricken yearbook visuals.

The charm of EPIK lies in its fascinating amalgam of AI capabilities and interactive photo-editing options. Users can play around with a variety of poses, looks, and hairstyles to curate their customized yearbook photos, enhancing their user experience while stirring up a sense of nostalgia. This creative appeal has made EPIK a popular name in social media circles, with influencers worldwide sharing their AI-manipulated photos.

EPIK’s distinct 'Yearbook' feature allows users to upload a range of eight to twelve selfie images, which then serve as the foundation for AI's photo creations. The application emphasizes that AI is consistently evolving, enhancing its results over time. However, it bluntly notifies users that not all AI-crafted results will be “satisfactory.” If they still choose to proceed, they would be accepting any possible outcomes the AI might produce, heightening the app's unique appeal.

What adds to the authenticity of the user experience is EPIK’s suggestion of uploading clear photos reflecting a diverse range of expressions, angles, and backgrounds. After processing these uploads, the app delivers around 60 different AI-generated images, adding a touch of authenticity and personalization. Though the app is freely available for download, users are required to pay for the AI outputs. They also have the option to expedite the image generation process, paying an additional fee for faster delivery, varying from a standard delivery taking up to 24 hours or an express delivery offering photos in less than two hours.

However, given its exponential popularity, EPIK has run into a roadblock. The app is struggling to keep up with the increasing demand, often reporting service delays due to the rapid increase in its user base. In some instances, even after successfully uploading the selfies, users are informed that the delivery options are “sold out,” causing temporary hiccups in the user experience. Despite these teething issues, EPIK's creative use of AI in rekindling nostalgia has resounded well with the masses, further bolstering its standing in the app market.

EPIK's popularity has soared up the charts of the App Store, securing the coveted No. 1 spot in recent times. However, on Google Play, the app's ranking stands at No. 37, signifying a divided user base across different platforms. Regardless of this differential footing, EPIK's rise to No. 1 on the U.S. App Store bears testimony to its soaring popularity on the iOS Program.

Surely, EPIK is redefining the way we perceive photo editing, bringing a personalized touch to AI manipulations. Whether it's about rewinding back to the glory days of the 90s or stirring up a trend on social media platforms, EPIK seems to have struck the right chord with its target audience. As it continues its successful run, it's clear that this AI app is a force to reckon with in the digital space.