Mastering the Art of Gardening in V Rising: Secrets Of Gloomrot – Planting Seeds like a Pro

In V Rising, the Secrets of Gloomrot update has brought many changes to the game, including the mechanics of planting seeds. This guide will help you master the art of planting seeds in V Rising by breaking down the process into easy-to-follow steps.

Mortal Kombat 1 Prepares for Launch with 100GB Install: System Requirements Revealed

NetherRealm Studios has recently disclosed the system requirements for its upcoming game, Mortal Kombat 1. Set to release in September, Mortal Kombat 1 promises to be both a reboot and a sequel, exciting fans worldwide. The game, now with a Steam pag

Apple Aims to Revolutionize iPhones with Generative AI

As major tech companies continue to make strides in artificial intelligence (AI), Apple is looking to step up its game with a focus on generative AI. The tech giant has recently posted 28 job opportunities in the field of AI, indicating a serious int

Top Crossplay Games on Xbox Game Pass to Enjoy in May 2023

Crossplay has increasingly become a popular feature in modern gaming, allowing players from different platforms to come together and enjoy their favorite titles. Xbox Game Pass is no exception, boasting a wide array of games that support cross-platfo

Disney Speedstorm's Reign of a Monster: Studio Refuses to Nerf Top Character

Disney Speedstorm players have faced an unexpected gatekeeper as they hit the virtual tracks: Mike Wazowski, the famed one-eyed monster from Pixar's beloved Monsters Inc. Since the release of the game last month as an early access title, players

Meta Boosts AI Capabilities by Acquiring Former Graphcore Talent

In a strategic move to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Meta Platforms has recently hired a team of Oslo-based professionals who were previously employed at British chipmaker Graphcore. This new development highlights the social

WhatsApp Announces Multiple Smartphone Support for a Single Account

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to access their accounts on multiple smartphones simultaneously. This update comes as great news for those who own more than one phone and wish to use their WhatsApp account on each dev

Google Introduces AI-Powered Cybersecurity Suite, Cloud Security AI Workbench

Google has announced the launch of Cloud Security AI Workbench at the RSA Conference 2023, marking its entry into the realm of generative AI for cybersecurity. The innovative suite is powered by a specialized security-focused AI language model known

7 Compelling Games Similar to Detroit: Become Human for Fans Seeking More Interactive Adventures

Detroit: Become Human, an interactive adventure game developed by Quantic Dream, has gathered much attention due to its immersive gameplay and intriguing storyline. The game allows players to take control of three androids, each with their own unique

Twitter Resurfaces Official Russian Accounts in Search Results

Twitter has lifted its restrictions on official Russian accounts, making them visible on its platform again. The change was spotted by The Telegraph and shows the accounts of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Embassy appearing in search results, timelin

The Best Exotic Weapons of Destiny 2: A Gamer's Guide to Obtaining the Legendary Arsenal

As a gamer, there is nothing more exciting than obtaining an exotic weapon in Destiny 2. These weapons are some of the most powerful and sought-after in the entire game. With their unique perks and abilities, they can be used to turn even the most di