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Crysis is a first person shooter set in the near future where the player takes the role of a U.S. Marine fighting against North Korean forces. The game was first released by Crytek  in November 2007.


The game is a first-person shooter, with the player taking the role of an Army Delta Force operator. The gameplay is set in a futuristic world dominated by a second Korean War. The player is equipped with a nanosuit, a high-tech suit of armor that gives the user enhanced strength, speed, and durability, as well as the ability to cloak. The player can use the suit to access the "Nano-vision" mode, which allows the player to see enemies, allies, and objects through walls, and the "Therm-optic" mode, which allows the player to see through smoke. There are three different weapons classes in the game: small arms, heavy weapons, and the alien energy weapon (the "PAK"). Heavy weapons are useful for long-distance fighting, while the player must get close to the enemy for the small arms class. The player also has access to a variety of gadgets, such as motion detectors, grenades, claymores, and C4 explosives.


Crysis offers a variety of graphics settings, ranging from "Low" quality to "Very High" quality. The graphics are optimized for Direct3D 10 hardware, and will not run on hardware that only supports Direct3D 9.


The multiplayer mode of Crysis is quite addictive and replayable. There is a single player campaign with a varied mix of missions, and a "Challenge" mode that tests the player's skills. There are also a number of unlockable items in the game.


  • large arsenal of weapons and gadgets;
  • great graphics;
  • variety of missions.


  • quite long, with a lot of slow-paced scenes;
  • not very challenging.


Crysis is an excellent game that offers a great gaming experience. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is exciting. The game is definitely worth playing.