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Gacha Life is a game in which the player creates their own anime house, and then lives their life within the house. The game starts with a blank house, and the player must furnish every room with furniture, decorations, and collectible items. The player can also purchase items and decorations from the store, or purchase furniture in the shop. Gacha Life is a mobile game where the player is a Gacha Girl and attracts Gacha Boys by earning "Love Points". Download Gacha Life and start playing today!

The player can buy a "Gacha Ticket" for 1,000 Coins and then spin the Gacha Machine to win a "Gacha Boy". This process can be repeated until the player earns a "Gacha Girl's Dream" and a "Gacha Boy's Dream". The player can also buy "Gacha Tickets" with real money. Gacha Life is a role-playing game developed by the Japanese company Cygames, in which players assume the role of a character and make decisions in order to progress in the game. The game's name derives from the Japanese word "gacha", meaning "to pull".


The player starts Gacha Life with a blank house. To furnish a room, the player must purchase furniture from the shop, or find furniture that is scattered around the house. Some items and decorations can be found by exploring the rooms. The player can also purchase items in the shop.

The player can place items in their house, but they can also trade items with other players. The player can go to the lounge to trade with other players, but there is a limit to the number of trades per day.Download Gacha Life now and start building your own worlds filled with cute creatures!

The gameplay is very similar to that of Gacha, which is a game where players buy a set of gacha tickets and draw from the set of prizes. In Gacha Life, the player creates a virtual avatar, who then goes through a number of levels. The player also needs to feed and take care of their avatar to make it happy. When the player gets to a new level, they are given the chance to choose from a number of prizes, which usually includes a new outfit for their avatar.

Players can customize their character in many ways, including body shape, face, hair, and clothes. They can also choose their own name and gender.

The game consists of five areas to explore. Areas consist of quests, battles, and shops. Players can purchase items at shops using the game's currency, which is called "gacha".


The graphics are reminiscent of a pastel-colored cartoon. Not all of the graphics are high quality, but the graphics are not the focus of the game. The graphics in Gacha life are very simple and is not a challenging game to play. The graphics are very well-made, and are life-like.


Gacha Life is a game that is infinitely replayable. There are a variety of furniture and decorations to collect, and the game offers new items every day. To get the full experience that Gacha Life has to offer, players should spend a lot of time playing the game.


  • The game is free to play
  • There are many customization options


  • The graphics are low quality
  • The player may find themselves spending a lot of time just collecting items


The game is very addictive and fun. The game is good for players that enjoy collecting items. The game is not challenging, so it does not require a lot of skill to play.