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Garena Free Fire: Kalahari


Garena Free Fire Kalahari is a free game offered by Garena. It is compatible with almost all Android phones. It is a fast-paced shooting game that is very addictive and fun to play.

There are plenty of game modes to choose from. The graphics are simple but realistic. There is no lag and the controls are smooth. The controls are very simple. The gameplay is fast-paced and fun. You can also play with your friends online. There are various weapons to choose from. The sound is also realistic.

The game is fun and addictive. It is easy to control. The graphics are good. There are plenty of game modes to choose from. The sound is also good.


In Garena Free Fire, you must be familiar with the three gameplay elements. They are the Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch and One Shot One Kill.

  • Example of the Battle Royale gameplay

In Battle Royale, you are dropped into a battlefield and you must scavenge for weapons and gear in order to battle against 99 other players in a winner-takes-all showdown.

The weapons are different from each other with their own damage, range and recoil. You must choose the right weapon to survive in the battlefield.

  • Example of the Team Deathmatch gameplay

Team Deathmatch is played in teams of 2 or 3 and you must kill members of the opposite team to gain a point. The team with the most points wins the match.

  • Example of the One Shot One Kill gameplay

One Shot One Kill is a game mode where you get a single bullet each round and you must score a kill with that bullet. You can either kill your opponents or scavenge for more bullets to have a chance to kill your opponents.


Garena Free Fire has quite decent graphics. But I am not sure if it can win any awards. There are also some graphics problems which have to be fixed.

Graphical problems

I have noticed a few graphical problems with Garena Free Fire.

  1. Some of the weapons look bad. They look like they have some kind of a bug or defect. Like a weird texture. All the weapons in the game are just different shapes. But I think the developers can make the weapons look better.
  2. The characters. The eyes are too small. The body is too long. I am not sure if it is possible to fix this. But maybe the developers can reduce the height and width of the character making the eyes bigger. I think that will make the characters look better.
  3. The maps look good. But the map textures are too flat and they are not realistic. The developers should make the map textures look more realistic.

But all in all, the graphics are good.


Garena Free Fire is a shooting survival game, and it has a lot of replayability. You may have to play it for hours or even days to see all the boxes and to get all the characters, or to get all the skins or to get all the weapons.


  • Massive multiplayer aspect;
  • Realistic graphics;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Free to play;


  • No active communication between players;
  • Not very good game optimization;
  • Not very attractive for players who prefer to play on the PC;


In my opinion, Garena Free Fire is a good game. It has good graphics, a good soundtrack and good gameplay. But it has minor problems. I will give Garena Free Fire 8/10.