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RAID: Shadow Legends


RAID: Shadow Legends is a fantasy dungeon crawler game made by Plarium, the company behind Stormfall: Age of War, Stormfall: Rise of Balur, and the global strategy game, Vikings: War of Clans. This is a review of the game, not the app. The game itself is a browser-based game. It is a hybrid of an RPG and a strategy game. You have a "base" or town that you build up with your heroes, and you can send them out on missions to collect resources and fight monsters. You can also play the game with your friends in co-op mode.


In this game, you have to assemble your team of heroes and raid dungeons in search of powerful treasures. These treasures are guarded by dangerous bosses, so you will need to devise a strategy to defeat them.

There are more than 100 different raids with 7 difficulties per raid. Each raid has 2 additional levels of difficulty (epic and legendary) for players who want an extra challenge. You will need to collect heroes, level them up, and equip them with cool weapons and armors to optimize their performance.


RAID: Shadow Legends graphics looks 3D and somewhat realistic. They are not too realistic, but they still have good detail. The lighting in this game is very good; the light is very realistic and actually casts shadows on the characters. The shadows are not very realistic, but they are still very good.


RAID: Shadow Legends replayability is very high for this game because of its many modes, events, and many different ways to play. The game is also very generous with its rewards. There are many ways to be successful in this game.


  • Free;
  • A lot of content;
  • Many different classes;
  • Fairly good graphics.


  • Pretty much pay-to-win;
  • Pretty much a casino.


RAID: Shadow Legends is a good game that will provide many hours of fun. If you are looking for a game to play with your friends, this is a good game to play. The game is easy to get started, but it is also very challenging.