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Battlefield 2042 is a challenging shooter and a part of the popular franchise. You need to help your squad using the most impressive arsenal compared to other games. It was created by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. The date of release is November 19, 2021. You can download Battlefield 2042 on Windows, PS, and Xbox when it is available for players.


DICE definitely knows how to create stunning graphics. It is not only realistic, the graphics of Battlefield 2042 on PC, PS, and other platforms are atmospheric. You can feel yourself in the future holding powerful guns, moving from one location to another. Players may want to take some time to check out the landscapes around them. If you have played other games in the series, you may know that there is lots of beauty to see, even though Battlefield 2042 for Xbox is filled with battles. There are seven maps according to the developers. It will take some time to see everything after you install Battlefield 2042. Specific maps contain extreme weather conditions, and you have to survive sandstorms and tornadoes while fighting against the enemy.


The game is still not available for download. You may preorder Battlefield 2042 on Steam or other stores of the platforms you are using. After November 19 you may order Battlefield 2042 directly and enter the game. There is no Battlefield 2042 mobile version, and considering the history of other games publications, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to play the game on your Android or iOS. Still, you may find alternatives.

The game is not that easy to play. It has a fast dynamic, and since it offers only multiplayer mode you need to act together with your team. It may require some skills from you. It is a good idea to start practicing right after it comes out. You may also ask your more experienced friends to join you in the team and help to adapt.


Battlefield 2042 offers you similar gameplay to other series. You are in the near future, you have to rescue your world by stopping the disorder and killing the enemy. You can choose to play as a Defender or an Attacker. There is no particular storyline as developers confirmed. Instead, you have to fight with others, and the story progresses together with you. Developers promise to release updates for free, once you enter the game. Different platforms allow different amounts of participants. Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S can include 128 participants, while PS4 and Xbox One can hold only 64 players at the same time.

Developers promise to extend the maps. For now, there are 7 maps that include: South Korea, Qatar, Antarctica, Egypt, India, Singapore, and Guyana. There will be 10 specialists. They replace 4 classes we all know from previous games. These specialists are migrants from different countries who join either the US or Russia. They all have specific abilities and own high-class weapons that can be upgraded.


Battlefield 2042 is a much-awaited game with its own story. It is a first-person shooter, a part of the Battlefield series. The game offers you to join the squat and fight against other players. It is multiplayer that is based in the near-future where you have to deal with the mess, trying to conquer your enemies.


  • Multiplayer;
  • Challenging tasks;
  • Well-developed gameplay and seven maps;
  • Outstanding graphics;
  • Wide range of weapons.


  • It requires high-quality connection;
  • It is not free.