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Review is a vehicular simulation game by a company called BeamNG. The game was created by a team of programmers and designers. The game is available on Steam as an early access title. is a game where you can crash cars in a physics-based environment. You can customize your own car, play multiplayer, and create your own maps.


In, players are able to drive around and experiment with a variety of vehicles. The game is set in a realistic, open world environment. Players are able to drive any vehicle they see in the game. Physics in the game are realistic, and players are able to experiment with the physics through a variety of game modes and challenges. You can start with a default car on a map and drive around. There are many maps to choose from. There is a multiplayer mode where you can connect to a server and play with others.


The graphics in serve to create a realistic, virtual environment. The sky and the ground are both photorealistic. Vehicles in the game are also realistic and the textures in the game are also realistic. The graphics are pretty decent for a game like this. You can customize your own car to make it look like anything you want.


Players are able to replay as many times as they want, and the game is still able to offer enjoyment. The replayability of the game is enhanced by the availability of a variety of vehicles, as well as the availability of multiple game modes.


  • The game offers a variety of realistic vehicles
  • Physics in the game are realistic
  • The graphics in the game are realistic
  • The game features a variety of game modes, which create a more dynamic and enjoyable gameplay
  • The game is available on Steam as an early access title


  • The game is not stable
  • As an early access title, the game is limited in content
  • Graphics are not very detailed
  • The game is not very realistic in terms of physics

Conclusion is a realistic, open-world vehicular simulation game. The game offers players a variety of vehicles and customization options. The game is realistic in terms of physics, and the graphics in the game are also photorealistic.