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Among Us is a multiplayer adventure game about a spaceship's team that needs to launch the ship. They also need to detect which of them is the Impostor. This is also one of the most-played games on the market, and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of the year. Among Us also won the award for "Game of the Year" in 2018

Visuals 4/5

Among Us is a retro-style game with a 2D graphics style, and they look cool and simple. The game has a hand-drawn 2D graphics style that is somewhat reminiscent of comic book artwork. The backgrounds are well done, and they are hand-drawn in a comic book style. It is hard to tell that it is not a comic book. The characters are also attractive drawn. The graphics are good, but this is not the game's main selling point.

Functionality 4/5

Among Us is a social deduction game. The game is played in real-time over the internet, with players taking on one of 10 in-game characters' roles. Once the game begins, each player has their role in starting the game.

The team must eliminate every player on the opposing team. There are 2 different roles in the game: Impostors or Crewmates. Each with a different set of abilities and/or goals.

The game features an online chat function, allowing players to talk with one another. The chat can be used to discuss strategies. Among Us has received mixed to positive reviews.

Ease of use 4/5

I think the simplicity and ease of use make the game fun and user friendly. It is a pretty straightforward game to play. It is fun to use your imagination and have your choices affect the outcome of the game.

In-app-purchases 5/5  

The game is full of in-app purchases but keep in mind that it is optional.  

Platforms 5/5

This space detective adventure game is available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Among Us is a great game, especially for those who have been playing games like Don't Starve for a while. It's a nice departure from the normal survival game because it offers a completely different experience. It's also great for those who enjoy running around the game world and using the environment to their advantage. I would recommend Among Us if you are a fan of survival games, especially if you enjoy the post-apocalyptic setting, but you have been looking for a new spin on the genre.


  • Fun gameplay
  • Cool graphics
  • Music
  • Awesome gameplay.
  • Different endings.
  • The game makes you think.


  • Occasional slow performance
  • Some bugs
  • You need to be patient to go through the levels
  • The game requires internet connectivity

Bottom Line

Download Among Us today by using the button below, and enjoy it!