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Where is the Among Us download button?

There is no “Download” button. Instead, you can find the links to the official stores of the platform you use. Tap the “Get Game” button. Find the platform you need, and you will be redirected to the Among Us page. If you want to find all the platforms at once, you may go to the game’s official website.

Is there any Among Us Android version available?

Yes, the game is available on numerous platforms including both mobiles. You can install it on Android using Google Play Store. If you want to get it on iOS, you can check out the App Store. The game is also available on Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S.

What are the requirements of Among Us full game?

It depends on the platform you use. The basic requirements for the Windows version are 7 system minimum, 1 GB RAM, and 250 MB space available. The iOS system must be 13.0 and higher. Make sure you have 391,3 MB of space. An Android smartphone needs a 6.0 system and 124M of space.

Is Among Us free of charge?

It depends on the platform as well. Both mobile versions of the game are free. Yet, they have minimal features. You can buy in-game goods, skins, and crewmate bundles in the store. Meanwhile, a full version for PC costs $4.99. It contains anything you might need to succeed in the game.

Is Among Us hard to play?

No, Among Us is not a complicated game. Even if you are new to computer games in general, you might be familiar with their mechanics. This game was inspired by the Mafia cardboard game, where players have to find the killer among them before all of them will be killed. Among Us is similar to Mafia but in open space.

Can I play Among Us alone?

Unfortunately, you can’t play the game alone. This is a social game. It means that you have to invite your friends to join you. Among Us online game requires a strong Internet connection. During the pandemic period, the game became incredibly popular mainly because it helped players to socialize with each other. You can connect with your friends and have fun while playing the game.

Do I need to make Among Us pre-order the 5th map?

Innersloth has announced the new map coming to the game only recently. Yet, it raised numerous questions. We still don’t know whether the map will be free of charge or not. However, you can’t pre-order it now. Instead, you can check out the Airship map that was released this March. It is likely that the map will be free and come as an update.

How many players do I need in Among Us?

You can invite up to 14 more people. The limit is 15 people in one game. The minimal number is 4. You can’t play with only 3 players. They can be connected to the game from different devices. For example, some of them can play on mobile phones, while others pick PS, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC.

Will there be Among Us 2?

Innersloth developers announced the sequel to the game in August 2020. The game became incredibly popular, and many players were expecting to see the second part. However, after some time, the sequel was canceled, and Innersloth said they decided to concentrate on the existing original game, improving it as much as possible.

Can I use Among Us torrent to download the game?

We advise you against doing it. The game is either completely free of charge for mobile platforms or costs $4.99 which is not a big cost to pay. Instead, you receive warranties and a high level of security. Torrents can provide anything of it. Don't risk the safety of your device.