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Twitter vs. Elon Musk: Will the Trial Wait until February 2023?

We don’t think anymore this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Elon Musk could have been the sole owner of Twitter, but now both sides have taken to the court as Musk has refused to finalize the deal because of the unsolved bots issue.

WhatsApp Beta for iOS and Android to Get More Emoji Reactions

Did you think six emoji reactions are not enough? Here’s some good news coming. The new versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS now present their users with an opportunity to react to a message with literally any emoji from the keyboard. After

The 6th Anniversary of Pokémon GO Is Going Large

It seems that Pokémon GO has always been around; in fact, it only has been for six years. It’s longer than many predicted, and the game is still highly playable, with constant updates and events. The event celebrating the sixth birthday

Google Maps for Android Will Receive a Nearby Traffic Widget

Google gradually upgrades and improves its native apps, especially on Android. Now it’s Google Maps’  turn. The new widget the app is about to receive will provide quick access to traffic conditions in your area; a necessary thing if

Snapchat to Introduce a Premium Subscription with Extra Features?

Social services that have been free start introducing premium subscriptions with extra features. Soon after the launch of Telegram Premium, it appears that Snapchat follows the same path. According to a leak tweeted by Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat is

How to Change Your Player Name on Fortnite

Changing your name is reflecting changes in personality and attitude. When it comes to gaming, there may be different reasons to change it. Say, you wanted to try Fortnite and didn’t care much about the name when you registered. Or you have exp

How to Change Epic Games Name: Choose a New One, Make It Known

Gamers or not, we humans are going through changes from time to time. We relocate, change jobs, convert, fall in love or out of it, and so on. For gamers, the new game name may be just as epic as any other life change. So what about a manual on how t

Get Free Fortnite Skins: The Most Effective Methods in 2022

Fortnite is a battle royale game with millions of players worldwide and it seems to become bigger every year. The game is available for free, so different skins and other cosmetic items should be purchased if you want to switch up the appearance of t

Twitter Updates Its API to Cater to Third-Party Apps

While third-party Twitter clients may have better designs and offer some possibilities the original app lacks, they still didn’t have access to some features, like reverse order. Now it’s about to change. With the updated API, Twitter wil

In April 2022, Mobile Players Spent 6% Less Than a Year Ago

Mobile gaming still stays strong as the most lucrative branch of the industry. The overall revenue of mobile games, though, has decreased by 6% in April 2022 next to 2021. This result is shown on both Google Play and App Store, showing that the trend

xCloud May Bring Fortnite Back to iOS Devices

Missed Fortnite on your iPhones and iPads? Now it made its way back, through a door that was left open by Microsoft. As Fortnite appears on the xCloud platform, the subscribers can play it on any device with a browser. So now you don’t need to