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Google Photos Set to Elevate Picture Quality with Ultra HDR Support

Google Photos, the popular photo-sharing and storage service, is all set to amplify the quality of your memories with its latest update. Android 14, the next version of Google's mobile operating system, will reportedly bring support for Ultra HDR

Creator of Untitled Goose Game Teases Work on Exciting New Venture

The indie publisher concluded last night's Panic Games Showcase by announcing it will collaborate again with the creative team behind Untitled Goose Game, House House. Details about their new project are largely under wraps, however, a few hints

Speculations about Nintendo Unveiling a Mario-Themed Switch OLED Soon

Famed and reliable insider, Billbil-kuhn, known for divulging secrets, has once again shared new information. He has revealed what Nintendo is predicted to announce during the Super Mario Bros. Wonder stream, scheduled for tomorrow.  The reve

Top-5 Outstanding "Return to Monkey Island" Alternative Games

There's no denying the charm, wit, and fun of "Return to Monkey Island", the long-standing classic point-and-click adventure game. But what happens once you've completed it, or if you fancy a change of scenery? This roundup of five

Astronomical Size of Starfield PC Game Takes Players By Surprise

The much-anticipated PC game, Starfield, has made headlines even before its official release, courtesy of its colossal file size. Although highly anticipated for its expansive and engaging universe, gamers didn't expect the game size to outstrip

Xbox Implements Enforcement Strike System for Enhanced Safety and Clarity

In a concerted effort to boost safety and improve transparency, Microsoft's Xbox has introduced a brand new Enforcement Strike System. This mechanism, designed to uphold the integrity of user interactions, will facilitate a healthier, more respec

The End of an Era: Xbox Console Companion App Support to Cease Soon

Microsoft recently announced a significant development concerning one of its products, the Xbox Console Companion app, on Windows PCs. The official notice marks the end of an era, with the support for the popular app scheduled to conclude soon. Th

Linearity Curve: Vectornator's Major Update and Innovative Rebranding

In the arena of illustration and design apps for Apple devices, Vectornator has always held a commanding position. This week, the popular app invoked a buzz with its significant update that encapsulates a sleek, new user interface and a rebrand to &l

Payday 3 Possibly Incorporates an Always-Online Requirement

The latest news that has grabbed everyone’s attention in the smoky world of gaming is that the upcoming game from Starbreeze Studios, Payday 3, maybe incorporate a new change. The gaming community, keeping tabs on this eagerly anticipated relea

The Hacker Involved in Grand Theft Auto VI Will Not Face Court Proceedings

The 18-year-old hacker, Arion Kurtaj, who unlawfully acquired and shared 90 images and clips of the unreleased Grand Theft Auto VI, will not face prosecution as he has been assessed as being mentally unfit for a court trial. Not only did he breach th

Fallout London Fan Expansion Postponed till Late 2023

Eagerly awaited by the gaming community, the unofficial fan expansion for Fallout 4, known as Fallout London, has recently announced a delay in its release. Amidst the anticipation for Bethesda's latest Fallout installment, the planned release da