The latest news that has grabbed everyone’s attention in the smoky world of gaming is that the upcoming game from Starbreeze Studios, Payday 3, maybe incorporate a new change. The gaming community, keeping tabs on this eagerly anticipated release, is buzzing with speculation. The plot of the tale is the likely inclusion of an always-online connection for gameplay, and it certainly seems to be stirring conversation.

Starbreeze's much-anticipated release, Payday 3, the sequel to the popular Payday series, might bring in an interesting twist. The rumor was set ablaze by brand director Almir Listo. During a Payday 2 live stream, Almir faced a specific question: will Payday 3 have an offline mode? His response was, "No. You will be able to play it by yourself, but I do believe you will have to have a connection in order to play because it's made in the Unreal Engine, it's using cross-progression, [and] cross-play. I do believe we need you to be online."

This possibly hints at a chance to cater to differing gamer expectations and feedback. As the world waits for Payday 3 in 2023, the conjecture regarding the always-online connection continues to surge.