The 18-year-old hacker, Arion Kurtaj, who unlawfully acquired and shared 90 images and clips of the unreleased Grand Theft Auto VI, will not face prosecution as he has been assessed as being mentally unfit for a court trial. Not only did he breach the data of Rockstar, the game's creator, but he also infiltrated tech companies Revolut and Uber.

The possible adverse effects of his leaks on Rockstar could have been substantial, as he even threatened to disclose the game's source code via a message on Slack. However, as he has been declared unfit for trial, there will be no jury verdict regarding his guilt or innocence. Instead, the jury will only decide if he was involved in the hacking incident. 

Fortunately, the game's publisher, Take-Two, has confirmed that the development of the game has not been impacted by these leaks. Nevertheless, the premature revelation of the game has presented an inaccurate depiction of what the actual Grand Theft Auto VI will be like.