Eagerly awaited by the gaming community, the unofficial fan expansion for Fallout 4, known as Fallout London, has recently announced a delay in its release. Amidst the anticipation for Bethesda's latest Fallout installment, the planned release date was originally within the year's third quarter. However, due to the launch of another highly-anticipated major space game, Starfield, in September, the Fallout London launch schedule has dramatically changed.

This ambitious and enormous modification, initially intended for release sometime between now and September, has been rescheduled for the holiday season. The decision to postpone the fan expansion is primarily linked to the forthcoming release of Starfield. The arrival of Starfield, by coincidence also slated for September, seemed to necessitate this strategic release date change for Fallout London.

The announcement regarding the noticeable delay in release was made public through a recently released developer progress video. The development team smartly used this platform to communicate the reason behind the adjustment in their initial launch schedule. The reason is Starfield's release is perceived to have held enough weight to warrant altering Fallout London's launch timeline.

While fans may be disappointed with the delay, the video provided a silver lining. Apart from announcing the delayed launch timeline, the video also included new work-in-progress gameplay footage. This sneak peek into what's coming in the Fallout London expansion certainly served as consolation for the fans who are eagerly awaiting its release.

In conclusion, the much-anticipated launch of Fallout London, the fan expansion for Fallout 4, has been deferred till late 2023. The delay is an adjustment meant to accommodate the launch of Starfield, another big release scheduled for September. While this announcement may have dampened fan spirits, the inclusion of fresh gameplay footage in the announcement video offers a sweet something to look forward to.