In the arena of illustration and design apps for Apple devices, Vectornator has always held a commanding position. This week, the popular app invoked a buzz with its significant update that encapsulates a sleek, new user interface and a rebrand to “Linearity Curve."

Moving beyond mere rebranding, Vectornator 5.0, now christened Linearity Curve, unfurls an array of innovative features. These changes have harmoniously woven into a complete redesign of the app's interface, mirroring its new identity. The app ushers in a refreshing look with a new logo and icon while the much-loved tools flaunt their revamped icons.

While the face of the app has transformed, users can breathe a sigh of relief as Linearity Curve preserves the same diverse toolset available in Vectornator. This move ensures continuity amidst change, offering a familiar space for the users within the rebranded app.

Stepping up its game, Linearity Curve rolls out an impressive feature with the introduction of the new Templates Hub. This addition is a treasure trove offering over 800 customizable design templates. Users can now create tailored social media assets, App Store screenshots, posters, and a lot more, ramping up their designing endeavors.

One of the stand-out features that the users can eagerly anticipate is the advanced AI-powered tools. This cutting-edge addition to Linearity Curve signifies a major leap from traditional design processes towards a more smart, efficient, and intuitive approach. AI integration will not only amplify the creative capabilities of the app but also provide users with an avant-garde platform to explore, innovate, and create.

Besides recognizing the growing demand for flexibility and mobility in design, Linearity Curve is set to introduce a new feature that allows users to store their projects in the cloud. With a Linearity account, users can access their work from anywhere, adding a dimension of convenience to their creative journey.

In conclusion, Vectornator's transformation into Linearity Curve marks a milestone in the app's journey. This comprehensive revamp, balancing change and continuity, and introducing enhanced features, promises an enriched user experience and exciting times ahead for its users.