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Where Will Roblox Grow? Straight from the Developer Conference

Roblox remains one of the most influential gaming platforms by now, expanding its vision from “games” to “experiences”. It has grown even larger during the lockdown years, and it isn’t going to stop. Its recent initiativ

Netflix to Introduce Gamertags Soon?

It was strange to see Netflix enter the world of mobile gaming; now, it seems to have always been there. Now, the video streaming giant implements new social features within its gaming realm. It’s going social, so soon we are to get Netflix&rsq

Instagram Fixed the Bug That Made TikTok Exporting Problematic

Who said we only have to use the native editor to create videos for social media? TikTok’s CapCut is great, but some prefer making videos with the Instagram app and then sharing them. Unluckily, this had been hindered by an issue that made such

Telegram Expands Its Emoji and Sticker Abilities for Premium Subscribers

After implementing the Premium subscription, Telegram makes it more and more meaningful. The recent pack of updates offers a real paradise to those fond of emoji and stickers. Not only does it feature ten packs of exclusive stickers: it also enables

Google Home New Design Is Already Available for Preview

If you are one of smart home enthusiasts, Google Home is probably among your favorite apps on your Android device. It has already been very usable, but not it’s about to get redesigned (like everything Google, as you may have noticed). Now its

Call of Duty League Champs 2022: Where to Watch, What to Expect

It’s the final week of CoD League Champs, and though the year is far from being over, the contest definitely is wrapping up with this event. The final matches are to take place between August 4 and 7, and The Championship Weekend has already de

Who Else Sings This Song? YouTube Music to Show You Cover Versions… or Originals

When you listen to a certain song on YouTube Music (like on other streaming services as well), it shows related tracks in the “Related section”. But now, for some popular sons, YouTube Music adds one more option for the curious. For popul

Meta Adds New Features for Users and Content Creators

The overall idea of Meta services as platforms where creators and their fans interact is all about monetization. How does one make money out of the channel, and what do the fans get in exchange? Meta introduces new functionality for Facebook and Inst

Twitter vs. Elon Musk: Will the Trial Wait until February 2023?

We don’t think anymore this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Elon Musk could have been the sole owner of Twitter, but now both sides have taken to the court as Musk has refused to finalize the deal because of the unsolved bots issue.

WhatsApp Beta for iOS and Android to Get More Emoji Reactions

Did you think six emoji reactions are not enough? Here’s some good news coming. The new versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS now present their users with an opportunity to react to a message with literally any emoji from the keyboard. After

The 6th Anniversary of Pokémon GO Is Going Large

It seems that Pokémon GO has always been around; in fact, it only has been for six years. It’s longer than many predicted, and the game is still highly playable, with constant updates and events. The event celebrating the sixth birthday