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New Characters to Join the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Cast… Or Not

What’s the “character news” that Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl announced recently? The most logical version is that the developer is about to introduce another character from the seemingly endless roster by the channel. But it may mean

Apple Removes Outdated Apps from App Store

When you want to install an app on your iPhone or iPad, the description usually says your iOS version should not be obsolete beyond a certain version. But what if the app itself is too obsolete for your device? Apple seemingly decided to give these a

Apple Rolls Out the Nudity Blurring Feature Globally

The feature that protects children from viewing nudity in iMessage has been announced a while ago. In December 2021, it was launched for American users. Now, Apple is to finally roll it out globally. Being AI-assisted, the feature does not involve an

WhatsApp for iOS Beta Testing Granular Privacy Controls

Privacy has been an unchanging concern for Meta projects, including WhatsApp, in recent years. The new addition to WhatsApp, now reported to be in testing, is called granular privacy controls. Under it, you can prevent some of your contacts from view

Twitter Preparing Tweet Editing for Twitter Blue Subscribers

Changing your mind or correcting your mistake has been impossible on Twitter as long as it existed. Now, Twitter is about to introduce this new functionality, and it’s already being tested. Not for everyone, though; editing tweets will be the p

TikTok Still The Most Downloaded App in Q1 2022

What app do you think is the most downloaded in the recent quarter? Exactly. TikTok retains its leadership among mobile apps and fastest-growing media, and though its older rivals try to imitate its short video format in Shorts and Reels, TikTok rema

Russian Authorities Accuse YouTube of Blocking Duma’s Channel

Following Facebook and Instagram, now Russian authorities accuse YouTube of “discrimination”. After YouTube blocked access to the official channel of the State Duma, the reaction of the officials was annoyed and loud. What will this mean

Twitter Is Testing a New Format of Ads to Attract More Businesses

Ads are everywhere these days, so it’s only natural that Twitter wants to attract even more advertisers that will use the platform to promote their businesses. This time, the company came up with three new formats of ads that will be displayed

Facebook Ad Targeting Is Not as Accurate as Everyone Thought

Facebook has boasted about its powerful ad targeting technologies for a while now. A large number of companies and entrepreneurs rely on this social media platform to promote their products and services. According to recent research, the ad-targeting

Zoom Rolls Out Avatars for Virtual Meetings

Hurray! Now you can use the brand new Avatars feature on Zoom to replace yourself with cure virtual characters during online meetings and webinars. All you need to transform yourself into a 3D cartoon character is to choose a skin from the list. More

YouTube App to Add Free TV Shows

It looks like YouTube has found a way to put the final nail in the conventional TV coffin! This nail is a brand new block of free TV shows in the YouTube app. Let’s take a look at the details of the update to see if it’s as revolutionary