Microsoft recently announced a significant development concerning one of its products, the Xbox Console Companion app, on Windows PCs. The official notice marks the end of an era, with the support for the popular app scheduled to conclude soon.

The official Xbox Support page for the Xbox Console Companion app reveals the specifics of this move. It indicates that the app's deprecation will kick in on August 28. Consequently, the Xbox Console Companion app will vanish from the download options, and the curtain will drop on its official support.

The implications of this action extend further. Post-August 28, users who attempt to access the Xbox Console Companion app will likely find themselves unable to sign in. This accessibility roadblock arises as the servers vital for the app will be decommissioned along with the termination of support.

However, Microsoft has a contingency for its discerning users. It suggests fans who have relished the features of the companion app to switch to the new Xbox app. This app serves as a platform through Windows that connects users with services and communities from Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Moreover, the Xbox Console Companion website itself diverts visitors to the Xbox app website, enabling them to download the latest version for both mobile and Windows.

Ensuring a smooth transition, the Xbox app comes bundled with installations of Windows 11. This provision ensures that users migrating from Windows 10 can immediately tap into the Xbox app without needing an additional download from the Microsoft Store. Therefore, despite the phase-out of the Xbox Console Companion app, Microsoft is paving the way for continued and enhanced Xbox engagement.