Google Photos, the popular photo-sharing and storage service, is all set to amplify the quality of your memories with its latest update. Android 14, the next version of Google's mobile operating system, will reportedly bring support for Ultra HDR image format in Google Photos. This development will provide significant enhancements to the image quality, offering a broader range of brightness and shadow details in comparison to the standard Jpeg files. This news comes after Google's previous announcements about adding HDR effects for videos and the Magic Eraser feature for Google One subscribers.

Details on the New Development

Information about this forthcoming update was initially spotted by Android Police via @AssembleDebug on certain code strings found in the Google Photos app version The code strings discovered included phrases like Ultra HDR disabled, UltraHdrPreviewFragment, EDITOR_ULTRA_HDR_PREVIEW, and photos_mediadetails_details_ultra_hdr, suggesting that Google is in the process of integrating Ultra HDR support into the Photos app. This feature will likely be rolled out with the Android 14 launch, which is expected to bring a plethora of enhancements and features to the Android platform.

Understanding HDR and Its Benefits

HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging is a technique that dramatically improves image quality compared to SDR, or Standard Dynamic Range. HDR enhances the range of colors and brightness, providing more depth and detail to the image. With the addition of Ultra HDR support in Google Photos, users can expect to see a significant improvement in the tones and colors in their images, making their photos more vibrant and lifelike. Google Photos currently supports HDR image format, but Ultra HDR will take this to the next level.

Other Exciting Additions to Google Photos

Earlier this year, Google introduced an HDR effect for videos available to Google One subscribers. This feature allows users to enhance the brightness and contrast of their videos, giving them a more dramatic and compelling effect. Alongside this, Google Photos also introduced the Magic Eraser feature for all Google One subscribers. Powered by machine learning and AI, the Magic Eraser allows users to edit out unwanted objects and individuals from their photos. This feature was initially exclusive to Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series smartphones and can now be availed by Google One subscribers.


The addition of Ultra HDR support to Google Photos will be a significant step towards enhancing the overall user experience. Along with the earlier announced HDR effects for videos and the Magic Eraser feature, this update will provide users with more control over their photo and video editing, allowing them to create more vibrant and high-quality content. As Google continues to innovate and improve its services, we look forward to the potential enhancements that Android 14 could bring to the Google Photos app.