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World of Tanks Blitz is a freemium mobile MMO Action Game developed and published by Wargaming for Android operating system. It can be downloaded and used for free, with in-game purchases available. The game features strategy-based gameplay, where players collect and upgrade various military vehicles based on historical tanks used by countries from the Second World War. It is a massively multiplayer online game, where players are grouped into teams, battling for control of the battlefield.


World of Tanks Blitz gameplay is outstanding. If you have played WoT PC version, you will understand how profound game's mechanics are. Gameplay is very active, it's not like other tank games where you just drive in a circle and shoot at the enemy tanks. In WoT Blitz, there is enemy scout or heavy tank attacking you, and you have to evade and maneuver your tank. If you fail to evade, your tank can be destroyed in just a few seconds.


World of Tanks Blitz graphics are slightly worse than in original game, but they are still good enough. Blitz has the same maps, but they are slightly modified for better mobile performance. There are no destructible objects, you cannot flip over tanks, there are no bushes, no weather effects except for fog. Vehicles are quite nicely detailed, especially premium tanks. However, there is no animation for destroyed tanks and they are too small. Same goes for the environment. All the buildings look like cardboard boxes. Tanks cannot pass through them.


World of Tanks Blitz replayability is very high. This game has a very addictive gameplay and a very simple user interface. Even the newbie can play this game without any tutorial or manual.

The game has some social features too. We can share our own replay and also we can watch other player's replay. Replay is the best way to know other player's strategy. It is also a good way to learn how to play this game. So I think this game has a good replayability.


World of Tanks Blitz is an amazing game. It has a lot of positive sides. It has a great gameplay and it is very addictive. The game is very easy to play. There are a lot of mobile games out there, but only a few are really worth your time. This game is one of them. If you are World of Tanks fan, you need to try this game.