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Where can I find Minecraft download?

You can find the game on the official website or at the stores of the platform you use. The links are available in the section “Get Game” here, on this page. Press the button and choose the platform you need. You will immediately be redirected to the Minecraft you are looking for.

Is there a Minecraft Android version?

While there might be some limitations in this version, the game is available on Android. You can get it from Google Play Store. The game offers you a wide range of features in modes. Minecraft is available on almost all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, 3DS, and Wii U. It is also available on mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

Is Minecraft a free game?

No, Minecraft is not free of charge. However, the price varies based on the platform you pick. The full game is still considered to be on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The PC version costs $26.99. The Pocket edition on both mobile platforms costs $6.99. You can wait for discounts; however, they might not be released this year.

Which are the basic requirements for the Minecraft full game?

This game is not heavy, but it needs to be compatible with your device. Before you pay for anything, check the basic requirements. For PC, it needs Windows 10 system and up. For Android, it has to be a 3.0 system or later, and you need to have at least a 10.0 system for iOS.

How much does Minecraft weigh?

Minecraft weighs not much. You only have to make sure that there is enough space for updates. The minimum space for both mobile platforms is 309.4MB. As for the Xbox and PC, it requires 4GB. This is only a minimal necessity. If you want the game to run smoothly, you have to provide it with extra space.

Is there one mode only?

No, there are several modes in the game. Minecraft offers five modes to your choice. You can try Creative mode if you don’t want to fight monsters but are rather inclined to build a new world. The Survival and Hardcore modes are both considered to be of medium or high complexity level. You have to check your energy level, find the food, build a shelter, don’t freeze to death, and survive monster attacks. The medium level of complexity includes Adventure mode as well. The Spectator mode allows you to check other players’ creations.

Should I play the Minecraft game online?

It is up to you. There are both single-player and multiplayer options. If you prefer to play with friends, you have to stay connected to the Web. In this case, simply pick the multiplayer option. If you want to explore the Minecraft world alone, you don’t need the Internet. Use the single-player mode.

Is there a Minecraft demo?

Yes; you will find it on the official website of the game. The Demo version allows you to check Minecraft’s gameplay before you decide whether you want to buy it or not. You will not receive total access to everything in the game, but you may get the main picture. You need to have Mojang or Microsoft accounts to be able to check the demo. If you don’t have one, register first.

Is Minecraft a family-friendly game?

Yes, it is considered a game to play with the whole family. It does not contain any violence or strong language. However, it still has some minor age restrictions. There is a 10+ limit granted by ESRB. The restrictions were set after some children began to set animals on fire for fun.

Where can I find Minecraft torrent?

We don’t recommend you to use torrents for any games. It does not provide any security level at all. Besides, you can install malware with the game you want. Minecraft does not cost much or is as similar as the new device you’d need to buy if you lose the old one.