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Apex Legends Mobile: All You Need to Know

One of the most popular Battle Royale games, Apex Legends, is going mobile this year. If you are waiting for it and wondering when it will arrive, you might be interested in everything we know so far. The only thing we know for sure, though, is that

How to Manage YouTube Subscriptions Using Categories

You’ve got to agree that once you’ve subscribed to more than 20 channels on YouTube the whole thing becomes extremely messy and it becomes very hard to find the channels that will interest you the most. YouTube provides its users with ver

Twitter Is Adding a New Podcast Tab

It seems that Twitter realizes just how popular podcasts are, which is why it has decided to allocate a dedicated tab that will allow users to listen to podcasts. This tab will be available on both the lower function bar and the sidebar of the app.

Russia is Keen to Restrict Access to Facebook

Russia has suddenly restricted all access to Facebook, claiming that Facebook is “censoring” its efforts to tell the truth to its citizens. This move was made right after Russia invaded Ukraine while making its citizens and the army belie

Russia Is Restricting Access to Twitter

Russian government thinks that by restricting twitter, they will be able to keep their citizens in the dark. According to NetBlocks, this Saturday, Russia has blocked all access to Twitter for people who use MTS, Rostelecom, and other telecom provide

WhatsApp Tests an Updated Voice Call Interface on iOS

One of the elements of the overall WhatsApp interface that the messenger recently pays much attention to is the voice call interface. It indeed needed revamping since its current design was introduced back in 2014, so step by step Meta implements som

Pokémon GO Ball Guy Event: The Most Terrific In-Game Week Ever

Pokémon GO continues its tradition of recurring events, and the current one that started on February 18 is still going on. It features lots of extras and exclusives for long-time fans who would like to go out for a hunt these days. What’

Android Apps: Top Choices for 2022

Lucky you got a new Android phone as a gift for Christmas or St. Valentine’s. Or just buy it for yourself, that is, for the closest person in your life. Similarly, your phone is the closest device in your life, at least, for the nearest years.

LinkedIn Will Let Its User Hide Political Posts in Their Feeds

While Facebook and Twitter are hard to imagine without political discussions, some other social media are ready to cut them down completely – or at least provide their users with such an opportunity. The first to announce it directly is LinkedI

LinkedIn: Should You Accept Every Request?

LinkedIn is an effective online tool for professionals. Now that digital networking is in full swing, you’re probably noticing a growing number of LinkedIn invitations coming from strangers. On the one hand, they could be spammers on the hunt f

Google Duo Could Borrow Features From Meet

It always seems that Google’s communication tools are in the process of constant change. They merge, split off, and exchange functionality. Some time ago, rumor had it that the search giant was about to merge Duo with Meet. However, that never