When it comes to storytelling, there are few games that have come close to the emotional connection that Life is Strange offers. This beloved game has captivated players all over the world with its thought-provoking story and compelling characters. Its combination of interactive elements and cinematic visuals combine to tell a gripping tale of friendship and mystery. But if you’ve already been through Maxine Caulfield’s journey, don’t despair – there are plenty of other titles out there that offer up something similar. Here are nine games like Life is Strange worth checking out if you’re looking for something special in your gaming experience!

Beyond: Two Souls

First up on our list is Beyond Two Souls. This game follows Jodie Holmes, a young woman with supernatural powers who goes on an emotional journey in search of meaning and identity. With incredible acting performances by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, Beyond Two Souls creates a captivating world full of secrets and conspiracies. The choices made throughout the game will have a huge impact on how the story plays out, just like Life is Strange!

To The Moon

If you’re looking for something more light-hearted yet still thought-provoking, then To The Moon may be just what you need! This charming point & click adventure tells the story of two doctors traveling through time to fulfill one man's dying wish; although it sounds simple enough, there are plenty of puzzles and moral dilemmas along the way, which makes this game truly special. It also has beautiful visuals and great music, which really sets the mood – something that was definitely lacking from Life Is Strange!

To The Moon game


Next up is Oxenfree – an indie title about five teenagers who accidentally unleash an ancient evil during their annual camping trip. This supernatural thriller combines action/adventure elements with horror/thriller vibes creating an intense atmosphere at times; however, there are moments of levity that help balance out this rollercoaster ride perfectly! There are tons of choices to be made throughout Oxenfree, too, so no playthrough will ever be exactly alike – just like its spiritual predecessor Life Is Strange!


Another must-play if you’re searching for something similar to Life Is Strange would be Firewatch – a first-person mystery set deep within Wyoming’s wilderness where players take control of Henry, a fire lookout whose only companion is his trusty radio operator Delilah (voiced brilliantly by Cissy Jones). Players can explore their surroundings while uncovering clues to various mysteries around them as they attempt to unravel what has happened within these woods. Firewatch succeeds in making players feel isolated yet connected at the same time – much like Max did in her own surreal journey found in Life Is Strange!

Firewatch game

The Walking Dead

Next on our list is Telltale's The Walking Dead series. It began as a spinoff from Robert Kirkman's comic book series but quickly became one of the most influential adventure games ever made, thanks to its unique approach to storytelling. At its core, TWD follows Clementine as she navigates a post-apocalyptic zombie world with her friend Lee Everett; however, much like Life Is Strange, it contains many difficult moral dilemmas along the way, which shape both characters' lives forever. Despite being released five years ago now, it still stands as one of Telltale's best works—and remains essential for any fan of choice-based narratives!

Dreamfall Chapters

For those seeking something slightly different but still reminiscent of LiS, why not try Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey? Like many titles previously discussed, this features meaningful choices that affect both the present-day events as well as long-term consequences, but unlike many others, Dreamfall Chapters allows players multiple ways to solve its puzzles rather than having one single path towards completion, pushing gamers towards greater levels of creativity while providing them with more agency over their individual adventures – again very much akin to our beloved LiS title!


Another great option would be Virginia from Variable State – an atmospheric first-person thriller wrapped around a missing person case set in rural America during 1992. With no dialogue spoken throughout its two-hour runtime, Virginia relies heavily on visual cues alone in order to convey emotion, allowing players time and space for personal interpretation even when faced with seemingly mundane tasks such as opening doors or sorting mailboxes!

Virginia game

Remember Me

Dontnod Entertainment returns again with Remember Me – an action platformer set within Neo Paris where protagonist Nilin must recover her lost memories whilst battling against oppressive government forces led by Memorize Corporation CEO Madame de Pompadour (we told you it was cool). Much like LIS, though, you'll need more than just fists here; expect plenty of mind-bending puzzles accompanied by slick combat sequences, all designed together to create one unforgettable sci-fi experience!


And lastly, don't forget Unavowed, an urban fantasy detective tale set in New York City where players take control over someone possessed by a powerful demon who must join forces with mysterious strangers if they hope to restore order back into their lives. Talk about drama! Just like LiS, each decision taken matters greatly here, too, since even minor ones can drastically alter how certain situations play out, adding further depth to this already stunning narrative-driven adventure!

Overall each one of these picks offers something different yet incredibly similar at heart compared to Life Is Strange – whether it be emotionally charged stories filled with interesting characters or fantastic worlds ready waiting exploration. Rest assured that any fan of LiS should find exactly what they are looking for among these nine titles listed above!