As a gamer, there is nothing more exciting than obtaining an exotic weapon in Destiny 2. These weapons are some of the most powerful and sought-after in the entire game. With their unique perks and abilities, they can be used to turn even the most difficult situations into your own personal victory. But how do you get these legendary weapons? That’s what we’re here to answer! Here is a guide on how to obtain some of the best exotic weapons in Destiny 2.

Arbalest: An Unstoppable Force

If you’re looking for an unstoppable force, Arbalest should be your go-to weapon. This Kinetic Linear Fusion Rifle has incredible range, making it perfect for anyone who likes getting creative with their kills from a distance. To get this weapon, you need to complete bounties from gunsmith Banshee-44 or find it hidden away in PVE activities such as strikes or Gambit matches. (PVE – Player versus Environment; Gambit – an activity where two teams race against each other by killing enemies)

Witherhoard: Firepower Like No Other

For those who prefer heavier firepower that packs a real punch, Witherhoard is one of the best Kinetic Grenade Launchers available in Destiny 2 right now. It has a terrific range and can easily take out multiple targets with its massive explosive rounds. You can get this weapon either through random drops or by completing quest steps given out by Drifter. (Drifter – non-playable character found at The Tower).

Witherhoard Firepower Like No Other

Osteo Striga: A Powerful Relic

This energy Sniper Rifle may look like something straight out of ancient mythology but don't let its design fool you - Osteo Striga packs quite a punch! Its high stability makes it an excellent choice for taking down enemy Guardians from long distances with ease. To obtain this relic-like weapon, you must complete weekly PvP (Player versus Player) events such as Iron Banner or Trials. (Iron Banner & Trials – competitive PvP events).

Ace of Spades: The King's Handgun

Who doesn't want a hand cannon fit for royalty? Ace of Spades is exactly that – its impressive stats make it one of the deadliest handguns available in Destiny 2 right now! This Kinetic Hand Cannon comes equipped with many different perk combinations, which adds up to make it highly desirable amongst players everywhere! To acquire Ace of Spades, all you have to do is complete special quest steps given out by Amanda Holliday. (Amanda Holliday – NPC located at The Tower).

Sunshot: Hold Nothing Back

If close combat isn't your style, then Sunshot might just be perfect for you! This Energy Hand Cannon fires explosive rounds that not only deal damage but also stun opponents giving them no chance whatsoever against its sheer power! Players can obtain Sunshot either through random drops from certain PvE activities, or if they are lucky enough, they might even find Xur selling it once every week, so keep your eyes open! Xur– mysterious vendor found selling exotic items every weekend at various locations throughout Destiny 2 world).


Riskrunner: Shock Away Your Enemies

For those who prefer electric shocks over bullets, then Riskrunner could be just what they need! This energy Submachine Gun shoots electrified projectiles that chain lightning toward nearby enemies making short work even when facing hordes upon hordes of foes at once! Riskrunner can only be obtained during certain PvE activities, such as Escalation Protocol, so prepare yourself before attempting any challenges involving this powerful SMG. (Escalation Protocol – endgame activity found on Mars planet requiring 7 players' team cooperation).

Cloudstrike: Lightning Strikes Twice

Cloudstrike gives new meaning to “lightning never strikes twice” because when using this energy Sniper Rifle, lightning does strike twice. And thrice and four times, too, if necessary! With its randomized perk combination, Cloudstrike will send arcs following each shot creating devastating explosions across huge areas, leaving nothing standing between victory and defeat! Players interested in obtaining Cloudstrike will have limited chances due as Nightfall Strikes offer special rewards, including this magnificent sniper rifle. Nightfall Strike – intense version of standard Strike missions.


Divinity: Make Your Opponents Bow Down

Divinity could truly represent destiny itself with its overwhelming power allowing users control over time itself while eliminating any opponents daring enough to stand against them. This Trace Rifle offers exceptional precision coupled with randomly generated perk combinations which provides great opportunities to customize builds according to users' own fashion preferences while still maintaining awesome effectiveness on battlefields. Divinity reward awaits those able to face the toughest challenges Crucible offers, granting access exclusive rewards list containing Divinity trace rifle alongside many other goodies worth fighting hard. Crucible (PvP mode consisting of 4v4 battles ) accessed via destination map/director screen.

Trinity Ghoul: Unleash Fury Of Three Worlds

Last but certainly not least, Trinity Ghoul brings together all three elemental powers to fire ice electricity into a single form, unleashing fury worlds onto unsuspecting victims. This Arc Shotgun makes sure none standing after volley shots are fired, causing chain reactions across wide areas and permanently disabling anything coming path. Obtain Trinity Ghoul either through random drop completing raid Leviathan Garden World Nightfalls strikes difficulty level higher Prestige versions. Raid Leviathan (8 players' cooperative endgame mission set aboard Cabal Emperor ship).

Trinity Ghoul

Gjallarhorn: A Classic Never Dies

Finally, the Gjallarhorn classic rocket launcher takes the spot amongst the strongest exotics available right now and has been around since the original campaign was first released back in 2014. It uses Wolfpack Rounds exploding multiple times, causing maximum possible damage and tearing apart whatever foolishly dares come stand between user victory. Despite being an older model still packs plenty of punch and is able to take care toughest adversaries matter seconds. Gjallarhorn obtained completely randomly participated in numerous PvE activities. Weekly Bounties offered vendors scattered throughout the solar system.

Leviathan's Breath: Power Beyond Imagination

Don forget to mention the newest addition list, Leviathan's Breath! Its heavy bow sports extremely long range making it easy to pick off faraway targets thanks to adaptive string technology working wonders accuracy rate. Although hitting distant opponents is easier than ever, acquiring Leviathan Breath requires the completion few specific quest steps given by Zavala. Afterward, players are rewarded with a beautiful bow-wielding godlike strength bringing downfall to anyone opposing the wielder's mighty arrow.

The Lament: Blade Of Ages

Last we got The Lament sword, capable of slicing and cutting almost anything that stands away! Its blade is made of special material of unknown origin, possessing extraordinary sharpness allowing slice almost everything without losing edge efficiency. To obtain Lament player must finish a series of quests entitled Moments Peace unlocking the secret entrance Deep Stone Crypt dungeon. Inside darkness lies a legendary waiting sword ready called upon command ferocious Guardian ready to prove self-worth. Moments Peace – quest line dealing past history Exos leading ultimately unlock entrance Deep Stone Crypt dungeon located EDZ.