It's no secret that The Sims is one of the most successful video games of all time. From its humble beginnings in 2000, it has become a pop culture phenomenon with millions of players around the world. But if you've been playing The Sims for years and are looking for something new to try, there are plenty of great alternatives out there. Here are five games like The Sims that will make you feel like you're playing it again!

Family House

First up is Family House from TinyCo. This game puts a unique twist on the classic Sims formula by giving players control over every aspect of their family's life. From managing finances and careers to decorating your home and socializing with neighbors, this game has everything you need to create your own functioning family household.

Plus, with its adorable graphics and cutesy characters, it'll have you feeling like a kid again! This game allows players to build their own dream house and customize every aspect of it, from furniture to wallpaper. You can even choose from a variety of characters and adopt them into your newly created family. With an intuitive gameplay experience and plenty of unlockable content, Family House is sure to give you hours upon hours of fun.

Cities: Skylines

Next up is Cities: Skylines from Paradox Interactive. This city-building simulator gives players an opportunity to build their own sprawling metropolis from scratch – complete with roads, buildings, parks, and more. As mayor of your city, you can manage taxes and infrastructure while watching as your citizens go about their daily lives.

Cities Skylines game

From managing infrastructure such as roads and electricity all the way up to controlling taxes and public services, this game offers an incredibly deep level of control over your cityscape. And thanks to its mod support system, the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to customizing your city just the way you want it! It's a great way to get lost in another world while still having fun!


Third on our list is Dinkum from Team17 Digital Ltd., which takes the concept behind The Sims 3D by introducing real-time building mechanics into the mix. Players can construct entire houses using blocks or customize existing structures using hundreds of different items available in-game.

Dinkum is another great option for those who want a bit more freedom when it comes to playing simulation games. Unlike most other titles in this genre, which usually stick close to reality, Dinkum allows players full creative control over their environment by allowing them to play god so they can shape whatever world they desire without any limitations or rules holding them back. It also features gorgeous graphics and animations that really bring life into each virtual world!

Alter Ego

Fourthly we have Alter Ego from Legacy Games, which brings back memories of early PC adventure titles such as King’s Quest or Space Quest but modernized for today’s gamers with gorgeous graphics and immersive gameplay elements that draw you into each scene and story arc as they unfold before you within this interactive novel experience where YOU determine what choices shape YOUR destiny within these digital pages.

Alter Ego game

If you’re looking for something a bit more story-driven, then Alter Ego might be right up your alley. As opposed to building houses or cities, this game puts players in charge of making decisions that shape an entire character's life journey – ranging from career choices all the way up through friendships and relationships (or lack thereof). With various branching storylines based on how well (or poorly) one navigates his/her through life, Alter Ego promises hours upon hours of replayability as each playthrough brings new experiences with different outcomes each time around!

Fallout Shelter

Lastly comes Fallout Shelter from Bethesda Softworks LLC., which puts players in charge of their own vault filled with inhabitants trying to survive after a nuclear disaster has struck post-apocalyptic America (or whatever other location may be featured).

Herein lies the challenge; keep everyone safe while managing resources such as food rations & clean water supplies whilst dealing with threats both inside & outside of the vault walls. Whatever happens; don't let anyone die on YOUR watch. Manage resources efficiently, so everyone stays alive while keeping them happy in order to increase productivity – it won't be easy, but it sure will be fun!

All in all, these five games provide gamers with some truly unique experiences that share many similarities with The Sims but still offer quite different gameplay mechanics at their core – giving everyone plenty of options when picking up one or several titles from this list depending on what kind of gaming experience they're after at any given moment in time! So go ahead, pick out one or two titles here & explore worlds beyond The Sims today; you won't regret it!!