Do you love strategy games? Then you must’ve heard of Sid Meier’s Civilization. This classic game is a fan favorite among gamers and has been around since 1991 when it was first released on DOS. It’s no wonder why it has become so iconic, with its great gameplay and challenging AI opponents. But if you’re looking for some variety in your strategy gaming experience, there are plenty of other games like Civilization out there that will give you just as much excitement and enjoyment! Here are five of the best titles that offer a similar experience to Civ but with their own unique twists.

Endless Legend

Developed by Amplitude Studios, this fantasy 4X turn-based strategy game offers a unique mix of lore, strategic combat, and city-building elements all set within its own unique universe called Auriga. Players start off as one of eight distinct factions vying for control over this mythical landmass as they upgrade their cities, recruit powerful armies, and discover ancient secrets hidden deep within Auriga’s depths. Endless Legend also features deep tactical combat options, so if warfare isn't really your thing, there's still plenty here for strategic thinkers too! With its deep RPG mechanics and engaging storyline, Endless Legend provides plenty of entertainment for those looking for something similar to Civilization but with a twist!

Endless Legend game

Total War Series

The long-running Total War series offers something slightly different than traditional turn-based strategy games like Civilization but still provides plenty of depth and complexity for those who want it. Each entry in the series puts players in control of massive armies with which they can battle against rival forces either on land or sea, depending on their choice of game mode and faction selection. With its mix between real-time battles and turn-based management mechanics, the Total War series is an excellent alternative to the Civilization franchise that's worth checking out if you're after something fresh yet familiar.


This sci-fi grand strategy game is developed by Paradox Interactive and has been widely praised by gamers around the world. In this game, players take control of a space-faring race as they explore the galaxy. As they explore each solar system, they can build colonies on planets and develop their own technology in order to gain an edge over their rivals. The gameplay is fast-paced and filled with tension as players must make decisions quickly in order to stay ahead of their competition.

For science fiction fans, Stellaris definitely deserves attention as an alternative to the grand strategy CIVs, while retaining many basic elements of traditional 4X games, such as resource management, building buildings, upgrading units, exploration, diplomatic relations, etc. What sets Stellaris apart is the exploration aspect, which allows players to explore uncharted galaxies, uncover secrets and mysteries, discover new civilizations, meet friendly aliens, engage in space battles, colonize planets, terraform worlds, create alliances, form federations, trade technology, wage war, negotiate peace, etc. All of these exciting elements combine to create a truly immersive experience in Stellaris, so any fan of space exploration should check out this great game!

Offworld Trading Company

This unusual economic RTS/4X hybrid offers something completely unique compared to other 4x/strategy hybrids like CIV VI, where instead of military conquest, victory conditions are achieved through corporate domination over competitors via manipulation of supply chains, investments market speculation, bribery, corruption sabotage, etc. Offworld Trading Company takes place on Mars, where player corporations compete against AI opponents (and other human players) in order to seize control over Martian markets by any means necessary, so get ready for some cutthroat capitalist action!

Offworld Trading Company game

Europa Universalis IV

Last but not least comes Paradox Interactive‘s Europa Universalis IV – a historically accurate grand strategy game set during the Age Of Exploration period between 1444–1821 AD, where countries compete against each other using military conquest, diplomatic negotiations, technological advancement, colonization efforts, etc. EUIV puts heavy emphasis on historical accuracy, which makes it extremely realistic yet still fun as you try to relive those turbulent times while attempting to expand your realm across continents, regardless of whether they be ruled by friendly monarchs or hostile nations!

This grand strategy title from Paradox Interactive is sure to satisfy even the most seasoned veteran. It features detailed maps and topographical information, allowing players to take control of their own nation and shape its destiny over centuries of playtime. As your country grows and thrives, so too does your power in the political arena – conquer other nations at home or abroad and make them part of your realm! The possibilities are endless with this deep strategic simulator; it’s like playing chess on steroids!

All five games offer unique takes on what made Civilization such an addicting classic but still manage to stand out in their own right – making them perfect choices for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of becoming Emperor without having to wait too long between turns! So fire up those engines, gather your armies, or stockpile those credits because whichever one you pick, chances are good that hours upon hours will fly past before you realize it -all while feeling like royalty along the way.