Are you ready to embark on an epic quest for the hidden flags of Wo Long's 11th Main Battlefield? We've got all the tips and tricks you need to find each and every one of them. With this comprehensive guide, you'll be able to blaze through War's Flames Blaze Fiercely in no time!

Step One: Finding Your First Flag at the Start of Your Adventure

When you first enter the mission, your very first flag will be right in front of you. You can't miss it, as it's literally right there at the start. To get your hands on this easy pick-up, simply walk forward out into the street and grab it before continuing onward with your journey.

Step Two: Navigating Through Sewers To Find The Second Flag

As soon as you leave that first area and descend into a sewer system beneath the town, keep an eye out for a ladder that will lead up onto some planks above ground level. Climb up here to find another flag waiting for its new owner –you! After snagging this one, take care not to fall back down again, as it would require quite a bit of effort to get back up here again if that happened!

Wo Long Fallen game Dynasty Mission 11

Step Three: Exploring Around Town For The Third Marking Flag

The third marking flag is located somewhere around town, but where exactly? If you make your way beyond sewers and over bridges until eventually coming across an orange building heading towards a nearby windmill should give away its exact location–it’s just next door inside that building! This shouldn’t take too long, so don’t worry about being late or anything like that–simply head straight there when possible though bear in mind enemies may be around, so prepare accordingly if needed.

Step Four: Climbing Up To Get The Fourth Marking Flag

Once outside again after grabbing number three, look left at four crates stacked atop one another near a broken wall –climbing these will give access to yet another secret flag waiting patiently just above ground level–go ahead and snag it now before moving on further within our mission! However, beware; enemies may also lurk nearby, so pay attention whilst making sure not to slip off those boxes either.

Step Five: Looking For Flags Below Ground Level In Sewer Tunnels

After climbing down from those crates previously mentioned, make sure to keep going forwards until finding yourself entering wider areas filled with water below ground level (sewers). Here we can spot some more flags tucked away behind walls or even underwater–keep searching around until obtaining five total, then move onwards once done so with caution since enemies could appear anytime now.

Mission 11 Marking Flag

Step Six: Climb Up in Search of Another Elusive Sixth Marker

After exiting the sewers, climb up the hill again, using ladders found near small buildings (or any other suitable location), which will lead us directly to the place where the sixth marker is sure to wait for us - be sure to collect it while you're still there, because who knows what creatures might be lurking next.

Step Seven: Visiting the Cemetery for the Last Stop on This Quest

Finally, let's head to the cemetery located near the main street entrance, walking straight toward the center, then turn left when you get to the two graves next to each other, remembering to keep an eye out for any lurking monsters). Once you get to the seventh marker, quickly pick up the collectible and then quickly leave the vicinity. Otherwise, you risk an unexpected attack.

So, there have been several steps required to locate all seven markers available throughout Wo Long's 11th Main Battlefield, but hopefully, players now know exactly where to find each individual item needed to complete the task at hand successfully! Good luck to all, and have fun playing sessions together.