Are you a gamer looking to up your game in the world of Hogwarts Legacy? Do you need an edge when it comes to taking down the toughest foes? Well, then, look no further than Chinese Chomping Cabbages! These powerful plants are essential for any serious wizard or witch, and we’ve got all the information you need on where to find them. So read on and get ready for battle!

Head To Hogsmeade

The first step in finding Chinese Chomping Cabbages is heading over to Hogsmeade. This picturesque village is full of quaint shops, delicious treats, and, best of all – rare magical items like these cabbages. Be sure to check out every nook and cranny while you’re here, as they can be found tucked away in some pretty unexpected places.

Visit The Apothecary

Once you arrive at Hogsmeade, make sure one of your stops is the Apothecary. This shop houses a variety of rare ingredients that can be used for potion making or even combat spells – including Chinese Chomping Cabbages! They may not always have them available, but if they do, it’s worth picking up a few, as they come with various boosts or bonuses depending on their rarity level.

Check Out Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley also provides an excellent opportunity for those looking for Chinese Chomping Cabbage seeds – just make sure that you head into Knockturn Alley instead of the main street through Diagon Alley itself. Here there are several shady merchants who sell rare ingredients from time to time, including these powerful plants, so keep your eyes peeled!

Where To Find Chinese Cabbages

Explore The Forbidden Forest

Finally, another great place to look for Chinese Chomping Cabbage seeds is within the depths of the Forbidden Forest itself. While this area can be dangerous, it does offer plenty of opportunities if you are brave enough (and skilled enough) to venture out there alone or with friends. Keep an eye out while exploring this mysterious forest, as there could very well be some hidden stashes waiting just around the corner.

How To Grow Chinese Chomping Cabbages

For those of us who opted for purchasing seeds instead of pre-grown cabbages, there are a few steps we need to take before our plants reach maximum potency. Firstly, head over to Hagrid’s Garden located behind his hut and use your gardening skills (which can be leveled up with experience) along with appropriate tools such as shovels or watering cans bought from Gringotts bank in order to cultivate the soil before planting any seeds into it. Once planted successfully, players should water their new seedlings regularly while avoiding over-watering them - use a watering schedule if needed - until they reach full maturity, which usually takes around four days game time (1-day real-time). After that, all that remains is reaping what was sown – quite literally – by harvesting your fully grown cabbages which will now provide immense strength when used during combat scenarios!

How To Grow Chinese Cabbages

What Do Chinese Chomping Cabbages Do In Combat?

Now that we have acquired our highly prized cabbages, let’s find out what exactly makes them so special when it comes time for a battle against enemies within Hogwarts Legacy. When consumed prior to entering combat mode, these pesky little vegetables will grant players an impressive boost in strength, allowing them to cause greater damage than usual with each strike, essentially making short work out of any adversaries foolish enough to challenge us! Furthermore, once hopped up on cabbage, power potions become far more potent, giving us access abilities such as healing spells or even mushroom clouds capable of doing devastating amounts of damage depending situation at hand!


There we have it, friends; everything needed to know about acquiring and using magical Chinese chomping cabbage plants within the world Potterverse found within Hogwarts Legacy. By following, the steps outlined above, both novice and veteran gamers alike should be able to maximize the potency of their creatures, ensuring victory in every fight they come across during their journey to becoming master wizards/witches' fantastic fantasy realm!