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If you are visiting our web page, you must be a dedicated app user. You surely understand that nowadays people use apps for a variety of purposes: for having fun and learning, for organizing their schedule and even dating. We all admit that using smartphone and tablets without using apps on them is almost impossible.

If you have a website but still don’t have an app for your brand or product, we are here to help!.

We offer to convert web pages into mobile applications.

Why you need it?

Billions of users worldwide download different apps on a daily basis. If you have a site but don’t have an app for it, well ok, you are a bit archaic. To modify your web promotion and exaggerate your target audience, better use this service and achieve splendid results in your business.

We offer you a useful and affordable service. You only need to provide us with your website URL and the preferable icon for your future app. The rest is on our conscience. By the way, if you don’t have an icon, we can design a few variants for your application.

We will convert your website to an Android or iOS app (or both) and also upload it on the corresponding market or a store of your choice.

Your future application will save the features of your website and will add some new as well. It will be furnished with:

  • Splash screen.
  • Top bar menu (in the website theme color).
  • Basic navigation functions (Back - Refresh - Go Home…).
  • Sliding menu in the app to provide easy access to web pages.
  • One-touch Share feature. People can share any page URL with others in just one touch.
  • Call us Now and Email button. People will be able to call and email you with one touch.
  • Links to your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages, to keep your clients connected with you.
Service traffic

You will see the increase of visitors traffic on your website. An application is an excellent way to increase your company’ traffic and engage more users.

Service delivery

In 2 days delivery, you will get your website converted into an application. You will also get an .apk file at your disposal. We will perform you an individual package of application and update support.

Service support

You will get free 3-months support after delivering the order. Any problems or questions - just contact us, and we will solve your issue.

If you are interested in the service, you can select your package and contact us to make an order