Embark on an exciting crypto heist in the Neon Cradle nightclub with the fourth heist of Payday 3. This guide will offer you step-by-step instructions to authenticate the VIP invitation and successfully steal the crypto wallet.

Step 1: The Journey to the Manager's Office

The Journey to the Manager's Office

Upon entering the Rock the Cradle heist, make your way straight to the VIP room situated at the back of the club. A locked door near the VIP entrance will lead you upstairs to the lofted walkways behind the DJ booth. Navigate past the DJ booth to find the manager’s office discreetly guarded by a single security camera. Nestled under the watchful eye of the camera, you can safely unlock the office door from the corner.

Step 2: Searching for the Sealed Invitations

Inside the manager’s office, you will find the VIP invitations sealed in a glass display case, locked securely by a QR code. It's time for a little detective work. You need to locate Rifkin, whose phone you must hack to access the case. She can be found either entering the club or hanging around by the bar near the entrance. Follow her closely, and when the coast is clear, start your sly hack operation. If successful, you gain access to the display case.

Step 3: Retrieving the Invitations

Proceed back to the office once the hack is accomplished. Utilize the QR code on the keypad, unlock the display case, and seize the VIP invitations. As a bonus, a valuable painting can also be bagged from the case for some additional loot.

Step 4: Authenticating the Invitations

Authenticating the Invitations

After securing the invitations, your next hurdle is to authenticate them. Locate the thermal scanner in one of the employee areas, either behind the VIP door or in the upstairs lounge. If it's in the downstairs area, you can easily authenticate the invitations under the safe cover of a camera. However, for upstairs, you should be more cautious due to the patrol guard and security cameras.

Step 5: Scanning the Invitations

In the upstairs lounge, situate yourself in the spot least visible to the security cameras. The safest place is in front of the laptop screen at the booth, furthest from the stairs. Here, place the invitation on the scanner and activate the device. It will take a few minutes to update the invitation, and it's recommended to remain as discreet as possible during this process.

Step 6: Entering the VIP Room

Finally, after successfully scanning and updating the invitations, present them to the VIP room bouncer. Once he verifies your invitations, you can enter the lavish VIP area and carry forward your mission.

This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the intricate labyrinth of the Neon Cradle nightclub in Payday 3. Remember, each step requires patience, agility, and a knack for stealth to execute this daring heist successfully!