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SunPass is the official app by prepaid toll service operating in Florida. Download SunPass and travel any toll roads with the easiest payment system!

Visuals 4/5

 Well, it’s just an app, with a standard sandwich menu, looking like most apps that handle payments or shopping. All the features are available from that menu, and most of them can be reached in two steps. SunPass uses light background and readable black fonts; probably, it will keep its readability after the dark theme for both Android and iOS gets rolled out. And, though the app is readable at a glance, we still don’t recommend using it while driving.

Functionality 4/5

This app is a multifunctional tool. It lets you pay your tolls as soon as they arrive, with credit cards or prepaid service. It also has an onboard map and a navigator showing various POIs, like gas stations, restaurants, drugstores, police stations, and so on.

Your account contains, among all, info about your vehicles and transponders, so they can be scanned with cameras, and you can be identified. When you change any of these, you need to edit your profile as well. The app uses the same account as the SunPass web version, so you don’t need new credentials; the old valid will do. With SunPass, using toll roads is automatized as much as can be.

Alas, the app falls short on some obvious moments; neither Android nor iOS version supports Face ID, and the authentication itself sometimes fails. Luckily, you can try to reconnect later, with a stable connection, and then pay your tolls.

Ease of use 5/5

Ease is the key, as the app itself was developed to make toll payment easier, without traffic jams or long queues. The menu is logical, and it has a built-in tutorial to help users figure out how this or that is done. There are a long FAQ section and a help center. The app is available in English and Spanish.

Platforms 5/5

The app is available for Android and iOS devices, with identical features, except for supported payment methods: on Android, it doesn’t have Apple Pay, and the iOS version goes without Google Pay. So far, SunPass is only active in Florida, with Georgia and North Carolina joining now, and more states to add soon.

In-app purchases 5/5

The app is meant just for paying the toll, in-app purchases are its primary mission. The app lets you pay your tolls with your cards, and you do so as the tolls arrive, and you get reminders about unpaid tolls. The app contains no ads, except for some self-advertising information.


The best way of traveling across Florida is with SunPass. So get on board and catch all the promo codes, sales and know-hows from this top-of-the-line travel operator. Oh, and being add-free ads to the list of its merits. Let’s hope the minor bugs will be eliminated in its next update. 


  • Saves your time from queues and jams;
  • Saves your money due to discounts and route builder;
  • Easy to use.


  • Face ID not supported;
  • Issues when logging in.

Bottom Line

If you travel in Florida, Georgia, or North Carolina by car frequently, you’ll save much time and money if you download SunPass.

How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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