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Real Piano is a piano emulator, with full keyboard, built-in recorder, and notes marking the keys. Download Real Piano to play it wherever you go or to learn playing without an actual piano!

Visuals 4/5

The intro makes you feel like you’re playing a classical concert before the audience, in a grand luxurious hall. You can even select the color of curtains in it. Yet as you start the piano itself, the impression gets mixed. While the keyboard and the octave switchers look decent, the rest of the menu is some mess. It would have been better to make it look like a real MIDI keyboard, with its electronic features dubbed by those of the app.

Functionality 4/5

The major part of the app is just a virtual piano, with its keys marked with notes. You can tap the octave or the arrows to move your selection left or right (as the whole keyboard on the screen would make any particular key too small). The app supports 10-finger multitouch and polyphonic response.

You can play this piano in real time (though a little latency still shows, but blame it on Android) and record what you play. The records are available in the built-in audio player. For training, you can play to some song from your music library: the app can play MP3 files while you’re exercising, and even record the mix (though you can’t adjust volume of the sources). You can also sing while playing and record both from your mic and from the virtual output.

It may be good for making musical sketches on the go, though pros may prefer a full-featured MIDI sequencer for Android. The app doesn’t display notes to play certain melodies, but it would be little good to fit them on the screen.

Ease of use 3/5

The app has quite a limited set of features: playing, recording, playback… and that’s it. Still the developers managed to position the menus for options like sharing or rating the app on the precious screen space, in the corners. Still, it’s much less of an issue than noticeable latency, but there’s nothing to do until Android developers get this fixed. And… if you have multiple devices to use this app with, select the biggest.

Platforms 3/5

The app is available only for Android; there is an eponymous app for iOS, but by another developer, and with many pro features, even emulating the acoustics of the hall. Tablet versions will look much better, with keys resembling, if not the real grand piano, at least portable MIDI keyboards.

In-app purchases */5

The app is free, but the ads are shown constantly. Thanks for not making sounds while you play. Some users might wish to turn the ads off for some money, but this isn’t an option. So, if you like this app, you’ll have to put up with ads, or go airplane to get disconnected, if it helps.


This app features a decent keyboard, quite a sufficient recorder… and almost nothing else. If you only need a virtual keyboard for practicing, that’s enough. If not, you can select from lots of virtual keyboards.


  • Full keyboard with keys of decent size and multitouch;
  • Polyphonic playback;
  • Built-in recorder;
  • Completely free;
  • Supports playback audios.


  • Ads cannot be removed;
  • The keyboard is too small on phones;
  • Latency is very noticeable.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been searching for just a virtual piano, free and not overstuffed, download Real Piano and enjoy it.

How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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