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Mercedes Me is an app for American owners of Mercedes-Benz cars. Download Mercedes Me to control systems of your car remotely, connect help, make service payments, and keep your car finest!

Visuals 5/5

The app does look like anything Mercedes-branded should. Dark and shining metal, readable letters, contrast colors. The designers realize that the app should be readable at a glance, because it will inevitably be used while driving. So, it’s made to require as little attention as possible. Its news section is easily readable, too, but it requires you to stop.

Functionality 5/5

The app turns your phone into a remote control for your car. You can lock or unlock the doors via Bluetooth, start the car remotely to save waiting time, turn on heaters or ventilators, or run through its diagnostics and sensors (like tire pressure or temperature inside).

Mercedes ME also provides quick access to your dealers and remote consultants, roadside assistance, or service centers. You can phone them from within the app or send them a message, both when in emergency and just to schedule a check. The app even lets you pay for the service (or for leased car) with its own payment mechanism.

There are additional sections. Its navigation part displays the nearest gas stations and service centers, as well as other POI’s. As we said, the app even has a news section, telling you about the events with Mercedes cars or the vendor involved.

The critical features, like unlocking or finding the car, or getting critical info, are available on Apple Watch (and on some other watches, but it’s not guaranteed).

Ease of use 4/5

Driving a car is an art; handling it is even more of art. If you have mastered this, you should experience no problem with the app. In fact, any of its parts resembles something, like remote control, or maps, or online payments. But, of course, you better take an hour or two to initialize the app, create an account, enter your car details, and check the systems like remote control and diagnostics.

Platforms 5/5

This app is first of all mobile, so it’s available in phone versions, leaving tablets behind. Android version is unified; on iOS there’s no version for iPad, because it’s hardly convenient. Instead the app available for Apple Watch, with the key features on your wrist.

In-app purchases 5/5

The app itself is free, yet it needs permissions to make payments due to its built-in billing required for service. If you’re buying a car like Mercedes-Benz, it should include this app among other free options. So you have already paid for it as well.


It’s certainly a great assistance for any Mercedes-Benz owner, helpful both in everyday routine and in emergency. But this is a powerful tool, so you need to use it carefully, because through the app you control your car.


  • Remote control of the car;
  • Quick access to service centers;
  • Built-in maps and news section;
  • Payments with the app supported.


  • Dangerous when used without learning.

Bottom Line

If you own a Mercedes car or intend to buy one, download Mercedes Me app and make both your purchases and your car experience better.

How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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