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LIFULL HOME'S app is one of the biggest real estate database in Japan. It was made for Android smartphones after the success of LIFULL HOME'S website that offered sale and rent services across Japan. By downloading LIFULL HOME’S you receive access to the biggest data bank of houses, apartments, and condominiums in Japan.

Visuals 4/5

The interface is intuitive and smooth. While you can search via over 4 million houses and apartments for sale, you will not need any additional instructions. However, there is a short guide in the app.

The background of the main screen is made in dimmed colors so you could concentrate on the images of property on sale. You will see the search bar above the images, where you can type the area you want to live in. There is also a map which you can use to pick the best accommodation. Main tools are hidden in the menu.

Functionality 5/5

LIFULL HOME'S app was made for Japan users, so it will take some time to understand how the website works without the English language. Still, you need to learn Japanese or use a translator if you want to enjoy all the functions, the app offers:

  • Easy and convenient search for houses, apartments, and condominiums either for rent or for sale. You are offered to buy newly built houses as well;
  • Check for the best price with your phone’s camera;
  • You can call and speak to realtors free of charge with this app;
  • Organize the list of properties you like and receive updates on the most interesting for you offers;
  • You don’t have to repeat your preferences, again and again, just save it in search conditions.

You may take pictures of apartments you’ve already been in and share them via this app to help other users. Don’t forget that they may do something similar for you. Don’t forget to check your ToDo list before you leave the house.

Ease of Use 3/5

LIFULL HOME'S would be extremely easy and convenient to use if not one thing that may be a significant obstacle for some of us. The app was made for Japanese speaking realtors and their clients. That means that if you don’t speak Japanese or it is really poor, you would not be able to enjoy all the features of the website. Unfortunately, developers of the app are not ready to translate it into English as well. You also can’t contact realtors in other languages except for Japanese. But otherwise, the app is amazingly helpful.

Platforms 5/5

At first, LIFULL HOME'S appeared as a website for desktop devices. You can still use it on your Windows or Mac PC. Just open it in the browser you have installed. The app is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Android’s version does not require something special and it varies depending on the phone you have. iOS version needs at least 10.0 system or later and it is also compatible with Apple TV, iPod touch and iPad.

In-app purchases 4/5

The LIFULL HOME'S free app does not offer any in-app purchases for its users. All you can do is to buy a better Internet plan or smartphone if you want to buy something. However, the app is free of charge. It also means that it contains ads. They are not really annoying but can distract your attention from time to time.


LIFULL HOME'S is one of the most popular real estate apps’ in Japan. It helps millions of people to find new houses or apartments to live in. If you want to find a home, you can use these services for free. Just remember, you need to know the Japanese language to find better offers and talk to realtors.


  • Smooth design;
  • Variety of features;
  • Free of charge services and calls to realtors;
  • Honest reviews.


  • Contains ads;
  • Japanese language is a must.

Bottom Line

LIFULL HOME'S download is free and easy to do. It opens access to over 4 million properties database.

How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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