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Free Tarot Card Reading - All your reading in one place

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Free Tarot reading is an application that can read Horoscope and Tarot in English language. It was designed by Portal del Tarot. The app is free, easy to use and works for all Android devices like mobiles, smartphones and tablets.

Visuals 5/5

The app retains the original artwork that is beautifully hand-drawn and created from Tarot Deck from 1909. While playing, beautiful decks of card dance in your hand and connect you to the realm of mysterious fortune-telling. The picture resolution has high-quality and genuine intention is absolutely free. The fascination is probably how colorful and different each card is and how they unravel into blissful corners. I fully enjoyed it.

Functionality 5/5

The Tarot Reading app has been optimized and tried by professionals so that every user's experience can be phenomenal. If you love horoscopes or readings, then this app will be a great one for you. It will help you personally answer your question and doubts in a straight forward pattern of YES or NO. This will be followed by some sentences like how or why the answer is given. On a broader look, this was how I played Tarot reading:

  • I Selected from up to 10 different types of Tarot. This selection had to be according to my preferences and desire
  • I Paid mind to the question or doubt that I had to ask the Tarot cards. Focusing helped me ask the most relevant questions.
  • I Picked other cards and read out the interpretation and meaning that the Tarot makes about my question.

Ease of Use 5/5

Playing Tarot is pretty ease — my card picks were properly laid out and coordinated. I entered different zones, depending on whether I wanted a tarot or horoscope reading. For tarot reading, in every first step, I had to choose between 10 types of Tarot. In the second stage, I had questions which had to be answered by picking a card. In the next stage, I picked a card and read the interpretation — that is how well it answered my doubts and questions.

Platforms 5/5

Tarot card reading is available for PC, Apple devices and all of the Android devices, such as mobiles, smartphones and tablets. I feel it’s best to play on Android smartphones because that way you get more clear and more personal with the process. Playing on PCs and IOS doesn’t quite give the full taste of the reading— it’s slower and less graphical.

In-app-purchases 3/5

While I played Tarots, I couldn't help but notice that every reading needed me to pay for something — like cards, interpretation and horoscopes. I likewise had to pay to get the bugging ads out of my reading. It would have been great if that solved the problem—the ads kept popping out.


Generally, I’d say Tarot card reading is a beautiful piece of astrology- one of the simplest Tarot reading apps you’ll ever come across. The simplicity coupled with the fantastic layout makes it stand out. Plus there is a bunch of other advantages you might want to experience yourself.


  • Free to download;
  • Doesn’t hang or crash;
  • Great visuals;
  • Limitless play;
  • Sharing readings on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • Lots of in-app purchases;
  • Ads creep up on you.

Bottom Line

Do I recommend this app? Absolutely! This is the best in my opinion and the only way you can find out? Download it!

How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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