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djay FREE by Algoriddim is a deejaying app for mobile devices, emulating professional controllers. If you download djay FREE, you’ll just need a good powerful speaker to start a party!

Visuals 5/5

When in landscape mode, the app looks like a digital controller that imitates a pair of DJ decks. Each of them has its own controls, with the crossfader balancing volume between the two. The decks imitate vinyl players rather than CDs, with tonearms on the records, and that fits the way the music plays. It can also show your library, equalizers, settings and so on in the main window. So it’s almost as convenient as PC DJ apps.

Functionality 5/5

The two decks allow you to load two tracks and the same time and play any of them or mix them. As the track loads, the app generates a visual waveform and calculates the BPM. So you can adjust the tempo of the next track automatically or by hand if the calculation fails on tricky rhythms. The crossfader allows you mix the tracks easily.

The app can access your music library from Google Play Music or iTunes, as well as Spotify and other on-demand services. You can also load tracks right to your device, to play them offline.

Professional DJ systems require at least two separate outputs to control the sound with a hardware mixer. Using wired and wireless output isn’t a good idea because of inevitable delays. So, if you want to play with it seriously, you’ll need a special splitter like Griffin DJ Cable that separates left channel from right. The sound will be mono, but anyway, it’ll be possible to use headphones separately from the master output. Another method is using an external audio interface with multiple outputs.

Ease of use 4/5

It’s easy when you’re just mastering it. To switch to one-deck view, you just need to turn the device from landscape to portrait mode. The buttons are easy to read if you saw the decks even once. But getting the professional experience requires extra hardware (like aforementioned audio interfaces and mixers); not much complication for a pro, but an amateur better settle with automatic mixing.

Platforms 5/5

Djay FREE is available for iOS and Android, and compatible with lots of external devices, from splitter cables to professional audio interfaces and controllers. It looks much better on tablets (though only iPad Pro 12.9 gets close to hardware controller), but if you need it for your entertainment, or just in case, 5.5” or bigger phone is good too.

In-app purchases 3/5

The professional version of the app unlocks essential for pro DJing features, like sampler, drum machine, automixing, recording, waveform view, and so on. Unlocking is subscription-based: $4.99/mo or $9.99/yr. Yet if you really intend to play, you’ll need to pay for music and for extra hardware, so the subscription will form but a minor part of it.


djay FREE is as close to professional DJing software as it gets, with lots of features you can use while playing, and integrated with as many third-party apps and devices as it seems possible. It may be a good extra tool for practicing DJ’s and an amusing learning experience for amateurs.


  • Realistic professional interface;
  • Vinyl imitation both in controls and sound response;
  • Integration with music services;
  • Support of external audio interfaces and hardware controllers;
  • Rich settings.


  • Looks decent mostly on tablets;
  • Requires subscription instead of a single payment.

Bottom Line

It makes sense to download djay FREE both for professional DJ’s as another tool and for amateurs as a practical emulator.

How to Get App To install the app, you will get a link to the Official Website or the Official Store.

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