Hurray! Now you can use the brand new Avatars feature on Zoom to replace yourself with cure virtual characters during online meetings and webinars. All you need to transform yourself into a 3D cartoon character is to choose a skin from the list. More details are below. 

V 5.10.0

To enable the feature in your Zoom account, you have to update the app to version 5.10.0 on your iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. It’s also necessary to turn on the camera and enable it during calls. Here’s a quick instruction:

  1. Join or start a meeting;

  2. Tap or click the arrow icon in the toolbar to open the list of video options;

  3. Select “Choose Virtual Background” or “Choose Video Filter”;

  4. Select the “Avatars” tab and choose the one you like. 

  5. You can choose a background at the same time, but only a static one. 

The new Avatars feature will be offered to you right away when you reload the app. The new virtual masks are quite similar to those popular Apple Memoji and Snapchat filters. You can also find the same 3D feature in Microsoft Teams, which added masks in 2021. All the currently available 3D masks are AR-driven and can fully repeat your head movements and mimics. Your facial data isn’t stored on company servers. 

You can simply turn on your 3D avatar before making a call and join a meeting without appearing. Now joining business meetings in your pajamas is much much easier! The current options include animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, and foxes, but Zoom promises to extend the library with the upcoming updates very soon. 


Now Zoom stands in line with Microsoft Teams and you don’t need to switch from your favorite video conferencing app to get those 3D avatars. Have you already updated your Zoom? How do you like the new feature? Tell us about your experience in the comments and share this piece with friends.