YouTube Music is a service that slowly but irreversibly wins users by getting better in seemingly insignificant updates that finally create a new type of impression. Here is another minor step: now the buttons in the Playlist and Album views are redesigned to follow the Material You guidelines, and this step is hard to notice if you didn’t know.

You need to know where to look for to see this redesign. Open any playlist or album from your library and look at the top of it, at “Play” and “Shuffle” buttons. Chances are they are rectangular still in your app, like they used to be. But if you are one of those lucky few to have already received the update, the buttons will have rounded angles, making them rather pill-shaped. The text and the colors remain the same, and probably that’s why the change easily escapes your attention.

As minor as the change is, it contributes to the entire feel of the app which looks more modern now. It’s in better harmony with the shape of the phone you’re using the app on. YouTube Music can run in the background, that’s right, so most of the time you just don’t see it running. But the same can be said about any streaming app (if you are a subscriber, that is), so these are the moments that make the difference. And if you like the look of YouTube Music app better, it can be the decisive factor, other things being equal.

This comes before YouTube Music rolls out the new tablet-oriented interface for Android smartphones, which will being many more changes. Especially given that many users love YouTube Music for the ability to switch between audio and video, which in the landscape mode works much better.

Have you already received the update? If so, did you notice it before reading this or only after? Are you expecting the new landscape mode interface? Tell us what you think about YouTube Music in the comments section!