According to YouTube’s announcement, we can expect to receive a lot of new changes including the pinch-to-zoom feature, precise seeking, and a new ambient mode.

Thanks to the new pinch-to-zoom feature, users will be able to zoom in on different parts of the video, just like they do when viewing pictures. Since August, this feature has already been made available to YouTube Premium subscribers, which is why many users will find this feature familiar.

Precise seeking will also be implemented, allowing users to fast-forward or rewind videos to an exact frame using the frame-by-frame view. This will come in handy when you’re trying to find a specific frame that you liked.

The third feature that is going to be added in this update is the ambient mode. It has gone through weeks of testing and it seems that the developers are finally ready to release it to a wider audience. This new ambient mode is using a special technology called “dynamic color sampling”. Thanks to it, the background color of the app will change depending on what is currently being shown in the video that you’re watching.

This new feature is going to be available on mobile devices as well as PCs if the dark theme is turned on. The same technology will be implemented for playlists, allowing for a seamless transition between the video and the background of the app.

If all of that wasn’t enough, YouTube is also planning to make dark mode even darker, while making sure that the “colors truly pop” no matter if you’re using a smart TV, a phone, or a PC. The subscribe button is going to be reworked, while the links in the video description will now be presented as buttons. On the other hand, like and share buttons are going to be altered to ensure that they are as unobtrusive as possible. Overall, YouTube’s interface is made to resemble Google’s Material You. The same treatment was already given to Gmail, Calendar, and Docs.

Do you like all the new changes that YouTube is making? Does the new ambient mode look good in your opinion? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.