It looks like YouTube has found a way to put the final nail in the conventional TV coffin! This nail is a brand new block of free TV shows in the YouTube app. Let’s take a look at the details of the update to see if it’s as revolutionary as it seems. 

4,000 Episodes!

As the recent YouTube update note says, YouTube has become the leader at the forefront of the global user shift from conventional TV to CTV viewership. Now the platform launches a brand new option to view full seasons of popular TV shows for free with ads to encourage its US viewers to consume more content. The initial content package includes around 4,000 episodes of popular US shows, which is a lot, especially if you consider a library with over 1,500 movies by top productions, including Warner Bros., Disney, and Paramount Pictures. 

Of course, YouTube has already been a huge on-demand content platform, but the latest update makes content much more accessible for broader audiences if they don’t mind watching a few unskippable ads here and there. YouTube guarantees that there will be fewer ads than on conventional TV due to the very high anticipated user involvement level. YouTube research data says that numerous households are already using their TV sets to stream YouTube. Nielsen metrics confirmed that over 135 million accounts used TVs to stream YouTube in December 2021. It’s also obvious that younger generations will prefer YouTube TV to conventional broadcast in 100% of cases as they’ve been using the platform forever. 

Still Alive

Although the Internet is a much more convenient and affordable option for viewers, TV viewing is still quite strong compared to content consumption on connected devices. The rates are falling, but quite slowly. Do you still watch good old TV or watch your favorite shows on-demand online? Join the chat below to reply and share the news with friends.