Missed Fortnite on your iPhones and iPads? Now it made its way back, through a door that was left open by Microsoft. As Fortnite appears on the xCloud platform, the subscribers can play it on any device with a browser. So now you don’t need to search through eBay for an iPhone with a copy of Fortnite, as you already have Safari.

It was highlighted in the trailer that now, when released on xCloud, Fortnite can be played on iPhone and iPad. Even despite the app has been removed from App Store by Apple and never restored in the wake of the conflict between Apple and Epic that led to the infamous lawsuit, there is still a large audience eager to play this Battle Royale on their devices by Apple. And now, with xCloud siding with Epic, it becomes reality.

This was confirmed in a special statement by Tim Sweeney, the head of Epic Games. He mentioned iPad and iPhone in his tweet. He even articulates that the game is available for free. Yes, all you need is a Microsoft account and a fast connection to the Internet. And an Epic account, of course. Freed from limitations imposed by Apple, now you can also buy your Battle Pass right on the website, bypassing App Store fees. This possibility arguably made Epic’s managers change their mind about Microsoft as a rival and now see it rather as an ally.

Apple has not yet commented on it. And, in fact, it has nothing to reply with: the only substantial reply would be to ban xCloud, but can you imagine Apple making this disastrous step? So, in spite of all that, iPhone and iPad users will still be able to play Fortnite on their devices.

Have you played Fortnite on iPhone/iPad when the app was still available? If you have tried xCloud games on a mobile device by Apple, how did it perform? And would you at least try playing Fortnite or any other game via xCloud? Share your experience or impressions in the comments if you please!