When you listen to a certain song on YouTube Music (like on other streaming services as well), it shows related tracks in the “Related section”. But now, for some popular sons, YouTube Music adds one more option for the curious. For popular songs that have been covered often, you can see a new section named “Other Performances”, and it’s exactly what you might expect from it.

The new feature has already been spotted by some users in both iOS and Android app versions. It’s in the “Related” section that appears on the Now Playing screen; you need to scroll down under “You might also like” and “Recommended playlists” to get to it.

The list shows only the most popular versions of the song, so the list cannot be definitive. As for us, we have tried it on several popular songs. For example, “Walk on By”, first recorded by Dionne Warwick, also appeared in versions by, say, Seal, Diana Krall, Isaac Hayes, and The Stranglers. As you see, there are no versions by Gabrielle, Laura Nyro, or even Aretha Franklin, though YouTube Music has all these.

The results on frequently covered songs like George Gershwin's “Summertime” or “Ain’t No Sunshine” (by Bill Withers) are similar. Sometimes, though, the results are underwhelming; when we searched for “My Way”, 5 out of 13 recommendations were also by Frank Sinatra, and three of them were just remastered. With “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode, also a frequently covered song, it was even funnier: out of the 8 results, 6 are just remixes or other versions by the same band.

What’s great, though, is that YouTube Music never confused different songs that have the same name. Obviously, the algorithm also compares the lyrics. Or did you have a different experience? What can you say about this new feature in general? Did it help you to discover some interesting versions of your favorite songs? Drop some names in the comments if you please!