One of the elements of the overall WhatsApp interface that the messenger recently pays much attention to is the voice call interface. It indeed needed revamping since its current design was introduced back in 2014, so step by step Meta implements something new. Now it’s testing the updated call interface on the iOS version of the messenger.

As usual, the update was first spotted by WABeta Info, a site that specializes in tracking new features that appear in WhatsApp beta versions. For one-on-one calls, now the user will be able to change the wallpaper that shows during the call. So far, it’s set along with the chat wallpaper and cannot be changed separately from it. Not that much of a reinvention, but still it allows the user to select a more fitting wallpaper or maybe create a better version of an existing one.

For group voice calls, it shows waveforms that reflect the sound in real time. So it’s easily seen which of the speakers are active now, who has just been talking, and who’s been silent for a while. This makes WhatsApp a more useful tool for conferences that it has been by now, at least for moderators and anchormen. This looks great on both iPhone and iPad screens, though, logically, it makes better use of the enlarged iPad screen.

This reinvention of the voice call screen has been in testing on Android since December. As now WhatsApp tests it on iOS, we might expect that it will make it to the release version soon, maybe even in the next update to come. The exact date when the update rolls out, though, is still not announced.

Do you use WhatsApp as a conference call tool? If so, will this waveform introduction make it easier for you to participate or moderate a group call? And are separate wallpapers for calls important for you? Tell us your impressions in the comments if you please!