The New Year is just around the corner, with 2023 fast approaching. With the new year comes new beginnings and new adventures for the world of Pokémon and their trainers. As we look ahead to the new year, there are plenty of exciting events and new Pokémon coming to Pokémon Unite, the popular free-to-play mobile and Nintendo Switch game.

First up is the New Year’s Celebration event. This event will reward players for catching and evolving as many Pokémon as possible. Trainers will also have the chance to obtain special rewards and items like the New Year’s Plushies, New Year’s Pendants, and the New Year’s Charm.

Dragapult is the newest Pokémon to join the fray in Pokémon UNITE. This powerful dragon-type Pokémon is sure to shake up the game, as it can use its signature move, “Dragon Darts” to launch a barrage of sharpened scales at opponents. With its menacing appearance and formidable strength, Dragapult should certainly be a force to be reckoned with.

Players can also look forward to the start of Battle Pass Season 13, which will include a variety of rewards and special gifts. Trainers can pick their side—Red Team or Blue Team—to take part in the Full-Fury Team Clash. Plus, they can suit up in superior style with new Battle Pass outfits!

In addition to all these exciting updates, Pokémon UNITE will also introduce new held items to the game. These powerful items will give players a greater range of strategic options, allowing them to stand out from the competition.

The Battle Pass system will give players rewards for completing in-game challenges and tasks. Not only that, but as a special gift for the new year, everyone who logs in to the game will receive special prizes and gifts.

Finally, Urshifu—a powerful fighting-type Pokémon—will be available now in Pokémon UNITE. With its formidable strength and unique moveset, Urshifu is sure to be a powerful addition to any player’s team.

With all these updates and exciting new Pokémon arriving in Pokémon UNITE, the new year is sure to bring plenty of exciting experiences for trainers. So grab your friends and get ready to battle it out in the Arena of Justice!

It’s clear that Pokémon UNITE will be ushering in the new year with lots of exciting updates and new content. Whether you’re a veteran trainer or a newbie, the game will provide hours of entertainment and plenty of challenges to keep you coming back for more. So don’t miss out on these upcoming events – get ready to battle your way to victory in 2023!