Changing your mind or correcting your mistake has been impossible on Twitter as long as it existed. Now, Twitter is about to introduce this new functionality, and it’s already being tested. Not for everyone, though; editing tweets will be the privilege with which paying for Twitter Blue starts making significantly more sense.

The first insights were published (on Twitter, of course!) by a well-known researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. In his tweet, he showed how the editing feature looks in the mobile app beta. The option appears in the three-dot menu, near the bottom. As you select it, the editing window looks almost the same as that for creating a tweet. The Tweet button, though, now says “Update”.

This feature has been widely discussed for years. While some users requested it, others expressed their appreciation for the very fact that tweets stay the same since they are posted, preserving their original content unless deleted. Now, Twitter obviously decided to make it a premium feature.

There is more to editing than just altering its text, hashtags, or attachments. For example, on Facebook you can change the privacy settings for your statuses. It’s not clear whether Twitter will introduce it too. Neither is it clear whether edited tweets will be marked as such or allowed to see the editing history. Finally, the time frame for editing also remains a question.

The Internet does not forget, though. If your tweet is resonant, the screenshots of it will appear immediately, so if you edit it later, this very fact will also make it to the news. So editing tweets will not be the way to conceal your mistakes but rather to admit and fix them, at least on social media.

What do you think of editable tweets? Would you go and subscribe to Twitter Blue for it? Or are you still thinking tweets should remain unchanged? Let’s discuss it in the comments!