Ads are everywhere these days, so it’s only natural that Twitter wants to attract even more advertisers that will use the platform to promote their businesses. This time, the company came up with three new formats of ads that will be displayed in the feed.

Twitter has created the so-called interactive text ads that make it possible for advertisers to make a connection between selected words and landing pages. What is more, the font of such ads is bold and bigger compared to the standard one. Along with highlighted words, such text ads immediately stand out in the feed. According to Twitter, the platform offers 10 highlight colors to choose from.

As it’s a significant change in the layout of Twitter, there will surely be many mixed opinions on the matter. This new tool will undoubtedly be attractive to marketers, but it’s difficult to tell whether users will find it appropriate for the platform. At the moment, there is a limited number of brands that got an opportunity to test this new feature.

The next format is called ‘Product Explorer Ads’ and it’s surely a powerful one. It’s possible to show off products in 3D with the help of this ad and users can rotate them on their own. This type of 3D display that is also interactive has never been used on Twitter, so it’s definitely looks exciting.

The third feature is called ‘Collection Ads’ and it allows promoters to add several images in addition to the tweet. With the help of this feature, it’s possible to market more products in addition to the main one, which is highly useful. All of the mentioned ad formats will be available to Twitter users of the web, Android, and iOS versions.

What are your thoughts on these additions? How will they affect the user experience? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.