It seems that Twitter realizes just how popular podcasts are, which is why it has decided to allocate a dedicated tab that will allow users to listen to podcasts. This tab will be available on both the lower function bar and the sidebar of the app.

Twitter wishes to shift the focus of its users to podcast discovery, possibly allowing podcasters to create active links to their podcasts. It will be similar to how users can make links to newsletters right now, which was made possible after Twitter has acquired Revue. So in order to make podcast discovery possible, Twitter has acquired the Breaker app last year, which used to specialize in the discovery of Spaces.

Right now it’s hard to tell whether the Breaker app will be simply be used for its podcast listening capacity and podcast discovery. Additionally, it’s impossible to tell whether listening to podcasts will be a popular trend in the future. Possibly, Twitter will facilitate the popularity of this trend by providing podcasters with a great new way of growing the size of their audience.

At the moment, listening to podcasts is a passive experience where you turn one on and go about your daily life. The Breaker app aimed to change all that by adding a social element to this experience, including Likes and comments. This can very well improve engagement and promote podcast discovery within the Twitter app.

If Twitter does succeed in adding this new feature, the number of people listening to podcasts may start to increase even more rapidly. According to most recent data, 41% of Americans listen to at least 1 podcast per month and the number of people continues to increase each year.

Do you like listening to podcasts? Are you happy that Twitter will be focusing on podcasts and adding a dedicated tab for them? Tell us in the comments below.