Forget about Twitch as a paradise for game broadcasting. After the Animal Week that showed the project’s concern about nature, the company decided to anchor this feature. So now, you can go to Twitch not for your usual game or hot tub streams, but for relaxing and funny animals as well.

Before animals received their own category, Twitch says, people still streamed their favorites in various categories, including Travel & Outdoors, Music & Pools, and Just Chatting. Well, Hot Tubs and Beaches too. Since now, you can say “Hey bunny” to an actual bunny frolicking in the grass before the camera.

As for money, it’s still about it. The most interesting channels are the interactive ones. For example, you can make a small donation on one Twitch bit to feed the ducks or make a turtle party more fun by changing the lights. Of course, making it too often is harmful to animals. So there are limitations set by the channel owners, to keep watchers’ intrusion within some reasonable limits.

So far, the most popular are the sea otters, with thousands of viewers. They are followed by the aforementioned ducks that you can feed, as well as bunnies and fish. Probably some exotic animals may also become popular if someone cares to stream them. But it depends too. Watching a sleeping snake or a croc for hours can help some fall asleep, while others may feel the primal fear that lasts even as they switch to cats and fish. 

Some people say this may shift the entire direction of Twitch’s conception. It does not want to focus on gaming and hi-tech anymore. It rather becomes an omnivorous streaming platform (as if it wasn’t obvious earlier). If people like watching animals (don’t you?), they will get animals on Twitch. Let’s see how long it takes this category to attract more attention and maybe become one of the most popular on the service. Will you be watching new streams with animals on Twitch? If so, what animals do you want to see there? Tell about this in the comments.